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Crossfit Manila

Isabelle Chiang of Paleo Manila called me one morning last week with a surprise! :) She has tied up with CROSSFIT MANILA & enrolled me to make sure I reach my goal to a healthy & fit me before I reach another birthday (7 months away!!!).



So I made a visit to Crossfit Manila last weekend to see what it was all about.


The 9 succeeding photos belong to Crossfit Manila…


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I have been eating healthy lately because of the Paleo Manila meals my angels have been sending me on weekdays, but eating healthy is not enough. I needed to get my butt moving too. And I was simply too lazy to do it on my own. So Isabelle really is a God-send! <3 She took care of everything, and now, I’m on my way to another step at realizing my dreams of living a long & healthy lifestyle for Kap & my kids!



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CrossFit is a constantly varied functional movements performed in high intensity. CrossFit workouts or W.O.Ds (Workout of the day) are different everyday, the movements involved are natural and that of which you can apply in your everyday routine, whether lifting, pulling, jumping, pushing, you name it. The concept of high intensity is dictated by the time allotted for the workout or the said amount of repetitions to be executed as fast as the athlete/student can.


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CROSSFIT MANILA is available in the following branches: Alabang, The Fort Taguig, Kapitolyo, Eastwood QC, and Makati.


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A typical class would consist of three parts, namely the Skill, Strength, and MetCon.

Skill consists of practices in weight lifting, kettle bell and medicine ball training as well as basic to advanced gymnastics. Skill through gymnastics and through weightlifting gives students/athletes the chance to learn and polish their skill in the said field. This prepares the athletes or students to properly execute the movements that will be tackled in the W.O.D.

You then move on to Strength development, which involves dead lifts, squats and presses. Strength provides the students/athletes the chance to go through a series of strength cycles that will help improve the force applied by the set of muscular units that are usually activated during W.O.D.s.

Metabolic conditioning, also known as MetCon, is a method of training that involves a very high work rate designed to burn calories. MetCon is basically a set amount of movements and repetitions which is given a certain amount of time to accomplish, for some instances there will be team and partner W.O.Ds and workouts that have a set time wherein which athletes/students will be tasked to do A.M.R.A.P. which means “as many reps as possible”.

W.O.D usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour depending on the movements that will be tackled in the workout. A class runs with briefing, warm up, stretching, the actual workout and if time permits core work and cool down.

The class is for anyone who aspires to be stronger, faster, leaner and fitter. You get to be the best version of yourself in terms of fitness. Omg. Pretty soon, I can outrun THE WALKING DEAD! :P (Sorreh, I just couldn’t resist. Y’all know how much I LOVE the series!)



It’s common knowledge that zombies will eat FAT & UNFIT people first because we can’t RUN! @_@ I’m now on my way to being FIT & FAB with of course, nail polish as my weapon of choice! ;)


Btw, Crossfit Manila also sells PALEO MANILA MACA PROTEIN BARS for when energy gets low..



Picture 2

This photo belongs to KATHLEEN CHIANG. To read about her Paleo Manila Diary, CLICK HERE.


To be perfectly honest, the moment I got to Crossfit Manila, I wanted to go back out – and fast. They were in the middle of a competition & I LOL’d when I saw what the fit & fab peeps were doing. Hello??? Me??? Was this a big joke???





But then owner MIGUEL “MIGGY” DY BUNCIO blocked my path teehee. He is over 6 feet tall so I gauged I wouldn’t get far even if I tried! :P He laid my fears to rest & said they’ll be gentle to a virgin of exercise, lels..



I was clinging on to Miggy in fear. What I saw was traumatizing, lels. They were all lifting, pumping, pulling, & all other verbs that caused people to work & sweat! @_@ GAH!!!


The kids are all like.. GO MOMMY KAYA MO YAN!!! But look at Kap’s face. It was like.. “Sweetheart, na-update ba natin insurance & health package mo???” LOLZ! ;)) Also with us is Coach JOB WI who will be in charge of my torture.. I mean ‘training”. Shucks, what have I gotten myself into, people???


Ibang levelz na ito!!! Kakayanin ba ng powers ko ito at age 45??? I really don’t know if I can do this but I promised to give it my 101%, and I NEVER back out nor renege on my promise. I also don’t believe in the word IMPOSSIBLE, so let’s do this! Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Sugar & Spice. #GodHelpMe

Thank you so much MIGGY DY BUNCIO of CROSSFIT MANILA & ISABELLE CHIANG of PALEO MANILA for your faith & trust in me. So if this REALLY pushes through, please watch out for my Paleo Manila posts every Monday, and my Crossfit Manila posts every Tuesday! Thank you for your support & encouragement. For rooting for me & giving me hope. I love you guys! PRAY FOR ME PLEASE!!! :-*



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