Ate came home from school yesterday with pasalubong for moi. She’s really like that, she likes surprising me & making me glow with happiness. She knows the joy & bliss that food brings me hahaha.

She got me a box of lovely cronuts CROUGHNUTS from DOLCELATTE this time around. I’ve been seeing posts about cronuts left & right and I’ve been wondering what this marriage between a donut & a croissant is all about.

My Cronut box.. or rather CROUGHNUT box! ;)
Clockwise from top: Custard ream, Valrhona crunch, Blueberry cream cheese,  Almond caramel, & Nutty nutella
110 php/pc.
For inquiries and reservations,call +63.2.332.3407
This photo belongs to dolcelatte

zOMG! I fell in love with the first bite! First off, it’s not as sweet as a donut even with all those toppings. So I won’t die from diabetic shock. Because it’s a croissant and a donut, the sweetness level of the bread was toned down. Only the topping gave a hint of sweetness, and I loved the chewy, layered texture of the cronut. I like anything that’s makunat like bicho-bicho. And this is a VERY glorified bicho-bicho! <3

Nutty nutella Croughnut <3
Chewy & flaky at the same time.

Para syang croissant na pinahiran ng palaman on top! ;) Soft, chewy, and a controlled amount of sweetness. Best served heated -but eaten straight from the refrigerator is just as good!

After splitting one with ate, I concluded that half is not enough, lels. So we shared another one! Cronut is L-H-A-V! <3

Custard cream croughnut.
Thank you so much ate for loving me way too much & spoiling me over & over again with sweet surprises. I lovah yew tooooo my darling!! :-*

Oh, and I’d like to say “HI” to my very young reader LESHEE who *surprise surprise*, goes to the same school as ate & introduced herself. I hope I get to meet you too one of these days Leshee when I pick up my ray of sunshine! ;) Let’s have lunch!! :-*

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