Cronuts -ala Krispy Kreme

The search for the BEST cronut in town is definitely on.


So far, I’ve only tried 3 kinds. Some from DOLCE LATTE, some from CAFE JEEPNEY, and now these babies from Krispy Kreme!


So far among the 3, I like Intercon Hotel’s the best. Not because I’m a snob (ok maybe a little) but I find Cafe Jeepney’s cronuts chewier, tastier, and just overall yummier! <3


Ate has been spoiling me crazy with cronut runs left & right on top of everything else. For this last one, she woke up extra early & got me a boxful of lovin’ before she went to school. I bet all of you want to adopt her as your daughter huh? Sorry but she’s mine, all 101% of Jana sweetness is mine. ;))


Krispy Kreme cronuts all have bavarian fillings inside, which to be honest, I’m not too keen on. ;P

For those of you not residing in the greater manila area, you can still get your kronut fix through KK & DD (dunkin donuts). But I’m telling you up front, nothing beats the taste of a real, uncommercialized freshly baked cronut! #drool


Again, thank you so very much my sweetness for ALL the loving. I really am truly blessed to have you love me this much. Don’t ever change! <3


Allow me to give a shout out to a young reader, Isabel. I never thought I’d cater to the younger crowd haha. I’m so tickled pink that you read my blog, sweetie! Thank you. :-*



Meanwhile.. what’s up with crazy drunk drivers in our village??? This is the 3rd time -that I known of, happening in a span of less than 2 months! @_@

As in talagang umakyat ng puno ha! @_@
A commenter in Facebook explained his neighbor, a woman-driver, fell asleep on the wheel daw and is perfectly fine after the incident. No serious physical injury.
Eh let’s say hindi Fine ang nangyari? Being too tired or too sleepy is NOT an excuse.
You’re tired? Don’t drive. You’re sleepy? Stay in the office & keep everyone else safe!

Guys, grow up! :| Huwag kayo mang-damay ng ibang tao pwede ba! Ang daming naglalakad sa village na pwede ninyong mahagip. Sana kung kayo lang ang masasaktan. #selfishbastards

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