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Crisp on 28th

I can always rely on my foodie friends to know what’s the latest & most IN restaurant in the metro. They are forever on the prowl to bring the news hot & fresh to you, our valued readers.

A couple of weeks ago, Richard asked if my girls & I wanted to join him & Irene for lunch at Crisp on the 28th. (Read his post HERE). I looked at my calendar & lo and behold, 28th was on a Thursday so the girls had classes. I declined since they wouldn’t be able to come.

Then the next day, Richard posted mouth-watering food pics on his Instagram. All hell broke loose as my Ate saw it & asked why we didn’t go when it was hot on her bucket list.



Silly old mommy thought 28th (the street) meant 28th (the date)! So yeah, I guess I’m not a hip & as updated as I pretend to be, lels! :P

CRISP on 28th is a new resto by Chef Peter Ayson and Erwan Heussaff of the Hatch 22 & Hungry Hound fame. It’s your hidden neighborhood coffee shop on the quiet 28th street in BGC, facing the park. All-day Breakfast, Cafe Food, Pastries, Cocktails and Coffee is served.

So to make it up to the girls, Ate in particular (who doesn’t eat but likes to go to new restos anyway) having just finished her last day of exams, I took them to CRISP ON 28th (yes, the street on BGC ok!!) for a delightful lunch.


photo 1

The student. <3

photo 2

And the tambays! :P Feeling so at home as we waited for Ate to finish her 1 exam that day, haha!


And because it was punishment for my faux pas, I ordered up a storm.. and we finished every single one OMG!!! Everything we got from the menu was just perfect..


Crisp on 28th

G/F Alveo Corporate Center
28th Avenue (between 8th and 9th avenue)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,
Operating Hours: 8am to 11pm daily
Contact No.: (0917) 584-6883





Desserts are by CARMELA of CASA SAN LUIS.


Wall art by Solenn Heussaff.


Decisions, decisions.. ALL ON THE MENU PLEASE! :P


We loved the mismatched formal but super pretty dinner plates amidst a comfy & informal setting. <3



Ate’s Shrimp & Grits 485 php. Shrimp Creole, ettouffe sauce, bulgur wheat & fried donut.


Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Salad which the 2 girls split. 395 php. Organic quinoa, grilled herbed chicken, tomatoes, white cheese, sliced onions, red beets, orange segments, lemon oil & black olives. Sweet, spicy & tangy bursting with colors AND flavors. This is definitely a winner! <3


My Lovey’s Adobo Flakes 300 php. Flaked chicken thigh & pork adobo combination, salted egg salsa, brown dirty rice, sunny side eggs & seared tomatoes.


My Paleo Manila approved Bacon & Eggs 290 php. (Yes, even on cheat days I try to stay as close to my paleo manila diet as I can). Sunny side souffle, slab of smoked bacon, onion & potato hash, and mixed salad greens in grilled honey lemon dressing. I love it!


And it’s also safe to say that they loved everything we ordered too, looking at their satisfied smiles. Nakabawi na si Inay.


Well except for one. Here is Niel’s version, yolkless! I asked him if he asked a for a cholesterol-free yolkless version but I was dismayed to find out that it left the kitchen like this & landed on Niel’s table without quality inspection. I felt terrible because he went after seeing my posts too! </3 Sorry Niel! My excitement over the resto went down a notch after this.



However, I still have to commend them for the dessert assortments. The prices are far from OA (over-acting) unlike in other restos where a dessert costs the same as the mains. But the taste? Oh-em, they sure are OA & we couldn’t be any happier. As you can see, we really polished of EVERY SINGLE MORSEL! :P



(It was a Saturday -a cheat day, so I indulged in a flourless DARK chocolate cake). Fudge Cake 155 php. Chocolate heaven in a slice (and they’re not kidding!). Dark chocolate FLOURLESS cake with a nutella chocolate glaze. LOVE!!! <3 This is one dessert you shouldn’t miss if you’re into bitter chocolate like me.


Ate’s Panna Cotta Trio 180 php. Sampler of 3 flavors: Coffee Latte, Mango-mint Vanilla, Chocolate Smores.


My Lovey’s Ensaymada pudding 160 php. Local brioche snack in sweet vanilla pudding topped with apples.


I love that my girls are super sweet to each other & are each other’s BFF. <3 I am so blessed. It’s every mom’s dream for their kids to get along, love, AND LIKE, one another!


CARMELA of CASA SAN LUIS specializes in made to order pastries and savory dishes. Their Best seller is said to be the Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake and the Triple Chocolate Mousse cake with ChocNuts. Most products are made upon order so at least 48 hours lead time previous to delivery or pick up is required. For Orders and inquiries, you can contact CARMELA at any of the following:

Tel: 0916 644 8522
Facebook: casa san luis pastries



My Americano came with Ice Gems reminiscent of my childhood (and that was a long, long, LONG time ago!) :P



Crisp is located at 28th Avenue in BGC, sandwiched between One Parkade and the Active Fun Bldg in the new Alveo Corporate Center. It is located across Terra 28th in between 8th and 9th Avenues. So again, 28th is NOT a date. It’s a STREET. :P Although I was happy to know I wasn’t the only one fooled by the name, teehee.. SEE, RICHAAAAARD???



Thank you Patrick!!! ;))


Crisp also has a nice outdoor courtyard that’s naturally breezy and great for lazing around if you want to feel like you are far away from the busy streets of Manila. Not for me though, I’m an air-conditioned kind of gal. :)



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