Like I always say, filipino food is at the bottom of my favorite food list. If I had my way, it would be japanese or chinese all the way -with the rest of the international cuisines following suit, but filipino food is still last haha. Sorry.

On this occasion though, I didn’t mind it so much because: 1) We were celebrating Erika’s birthday & she LOVES filipino food, according to ate. Naturally we HAVE to make her happy on her birthday! <3 2) We were going to eat in chef Florabel Co’s upscale & sosi Crisostomo restaurant -so the food will definitely have a twist or fusion. 3) I googled it & they have the most imaginative & fantabulous names on the menu -which tugged on my playful side! ;P (Crisostomo, as in Crisostomo Ibarra. The lead in Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere novel.)

Because we are a family who LOVES (nice) surprises -giving & receiving! I got some festive balloons to greet Erika for when we meet up. Erika is from Bohol & it’s her first time in our part of town & I want her to feel our warm NCR-southern hospitality. ;P She’s also one of ate’s very first friends in college so we have a soft place for her in our hearts. And did I mention.. We (o sige na nga.. THEY) are having a SLEEPOVER yay! m/

My babyson is so nice, he carried all 10 balloons for me! <3
The balloon says it all.. Happy 17th Birthday, Erika!!! <3 

Waiting excitedly for the dalagas to come..
Obviously, we were the first customers haha. Lagi naman! ;)
Erika finally arrives! m/

After all the air-kisses, greetings & hugs, second order of business.. FOOD!

Sisig Linares 250 php
Erika’s favorite, Bistek Pelaez 795 php 
Garlic Rice 65 php each bowl. (7 bowls -gutom kami haha!) 
Don Maximino (spicy crispy pata) 550 php
They have a non-spicy version.
But this.. THIS I LOVED! <3
The balat was so deliciously thin & crunchy. The laman was soooooo tender. GRABE! <3 
Binan (Tuna Belly) 800 grams, 1,400 php!
But sooo worth it! -not dry at all!
Gising Gising 220 php
Sinigang ni Kapitan 430 php 
Group picture for posterity.
and.. here comes the surprise birthday cake!!! :) 
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy birthday, Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you!!!
Don’t forget to make a WISH!!!
Ube Macapuno cake. 
Iday (suman with chocolate fondue) 180 php

and look! a bird dropped by to bring my bill haha..
My sobrang gasgas mastercard! :'((
I hope we made you day special, Erika! Happy birthday, may all your dreams & wishes come true!
PS – A stolen shot of their sleepover! ;)
Nag-karaoke ang mga inday! ;))
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