Crazy Saturday (part 2)

So! Part 2 of the kids’ SOP.. sigh! and on such a gloomy day to boot, thanks to bagyong Quiel. Bagyong Queenel would have been an aptly name.. strong, scheming, vindictive! ;P PEACE TO ALL!!!

Wanted to go to the USEC (US Embassy Club Shopper’s Day Bazaar) today –heard so many nice things about it. Would have loved to see it myself.

The U.S. Embassy Club’s (USEC) 61st Shopper’s Day Bazaar will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 9am-4:30 pm at the Manila World Trade Center.
The bazaar features almost 300 vendors representing the finest Filipino craftsmen and great food.
There will also be a raffle and a silent auction.
Admission price is Php 100. Kids under 13 free.
USEC-supported charities feed thousands of street children; host medical missions; build homes, libraries, learning centers and health clinics in poor communities; finance life-changing cleft palate surgeries for impoverished children; and train teachers and parents to enhance their child care skills.
Or the Mercato Centrale bazaar. But I was afraid we might get stranded by the flooding! @_@
Are you tired of the same old run-of-the-mill food?
Are you looking for a place where you can get together with fellow food enthusiasts and enjoy a great meal?
Are you looking for a great tasting food adventure during the weekends?
Then come to Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City!
Extensive selection of mouth-watering foods!
A vibrant organic market! Air-conditioned tents! Live entertainment! Free Wi-Fi!
Operating Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 7am – 2pm
Oh well, maybe next week if the weather is good. Although I have to wait another month for the USEC. Thankfully, Mercato is having a branch here in the south!!! m/ I won’t have to go so far.. I hope that they have the same buzz & energy though! 

Ivy was also the one who told me about this, BTW! ;)
She’s truly my source of information!

Instead, had to get up early for this…

Assembly for my 2 kids’ SOP with their friends.
CAT cadets. We are so thankful for their cooperation.
The weather was changing already & impending rain was looming.. Had to move fast!

One of the requirements for my kids’ SOP is social interaction.
So they prepared a game.
This game is called MAGIC CARPET.
You have to be able to FLIP the entire mat over..
Yes, while a group of kids are still on it!!!
Here’s our troop showing how it’s done! ;))
I must admit, this is a game of strategy & wit.
Had I not seen them do it themselves, I wouldn’t even think it was possible!
CAT cadets divided into 2 teams.
Ready? Get set? Go!!!!!!

I’m glad to see my baby is so amused with the on-goings! ;))
With some prizes they prepared. A little token lang naman..
There’s my mom a the helm, making usi again, hahaha! ;))

With the winning team.
After that was the food sharing portion.
The kids prepared spaghetti, burgers & juice to show their appreciation
to the cadets for accommodating us.
Some of the boys serving our hosts..

The ratio is 3:1
3 of them, 1 of us! :)
So our troop can interact with the hosts.
Some of my brood had a hard time speaking in tagalog & were shy.
I’m proud to say that my 2 kids did a great job mingling with their hosts!
My babyson, through baluktot na tagalog, made a great effort to interact with them.
It was so funny eaves-dropping on their conversation, hahaha! ;))
At my mom’s school canteen.

After lunch, they went on to the Daycare center for another 5 hours to complete their requirement for the year. They are required 5 hours/SOP. By now, the rain & wind were at their elements!!! @_@

More fun & games for the little ones..

Then pizza for snacks.

Before we left, the wacky kids, of course, had to owl & plank! :P Kids will be kids! ;)) Actually, nainggit ako.. gusto ko sana sumali!!! :P

and plankin’! ;))
I’t’s really been an EXCEPTIONALLY tiring day!!! @_@ I’m just so glad that’s over & done with, sigh! Now, to get their principal to accept this group effort instead of the individual program she wants is another thing! @_@
Wish us luck, guys! ;)

Thank you Nancy for always reading my blog. I think you & Joy are my ONLY readers hahaha! Oh, Rica and Ivy also pala! ;)) I always see your Canadian flag in my feedjit corner. At least, may international reader ako,!!! Although, bakit lagi kang naka-route sa ziploc bag entry ko??? Hahaha you’re so “techie” talaga ha ang tiyaga mo to go through all my old entries just to get to the new ones. Ito na kasi ang i-bookmark mo para straight ka na sa new entries ko.. sugarspiceniceworld.blogspot.com

Miss you, hope to see you soon. Take care always! :-* And feel free to COMMENT!!! @_@ Thank you too, Rica, Joy & Ivy! Now I can proudly say I have 5 legit readers hahaha! <3

Many thanks rin to my new friend Trish, who always has such warm & nice things to say. I really appreciate your comments. Hope to meet you & Matteo soon! :-*
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