Craving for Hakaw

After getting ate all pimped up & hot on her heels to a classmate’s party in Teatrino, Greenhills, it was time to focus on my other dalaga. Lovey has been requesting a one-on-one time with her mommy so I treated her out to a dimsum dinner date.

My babyson, as usual, was out. Friday night is gimmick night for the young peeps, so it was a perfect time for a mommy-&-me date with my Lovey.

Just the other night before our date, I satisfied her sushi craving & treated out my 2 girls to Omakase. The next night, it was dimsum naman that she craved for. So we headed on over to our favorite dimsum place, Phoenix Court for some steamed lovin’. <3 She is definitely a foodie like mommie & knows how to live the good life, lels! :P

If there’s just 2 of you dining out, it’s more sensible to get the eat-all-you-can instead of the ala carte. Super sulit! ;)

Always a staple, HAKAW!!! <3 I loved that the skin on this was thin & the filling so perfect. <3

Roasted Peking Duck combined with Jelly fish & Century Egg. Hands down my favorite that night.

Another favorite, Crispy Prawn Wonton. <3

Beef Tenderloin. The beef was tender & juicy, and the flavor -although heavily browned with soy sauce, was not too salty.

Orange Chicken. Buttery with just the right amount of zesty orange-y flavor, I loved it. In fact I loved everything that was served.

Sweet & Sour Pork. One of the best that I’ve tasted. <3 Pork was soft & yet crunchy at the same time. The pineapples were perfectly sweet.

Mango Sago

Almond Beancurd. Something was off that night. It was too sour instead of the usual sweet. Too bad. Our dinner would have been so perfect.

Buchi. Soft, warm and oh so chewy! <3

I’m savoring these moments because I know sooner or later, my Lovey too will have events of her own to attend. They’re growing up so fast!

One indication that they are not babies anymore is my son’s repeated request for a car of his own. He’s only turning 16. Maybe next year when he’s legal to drive we’ll get him one. For now, he just has to contend with mum’s old car & mum’s supervision as he drives. I’m sure I’ll be seeing him even less once he gets his own ride! </3

Next year, ate will be 20! Oh my gulay, am I really THAT old na?

Lovey, you are the last link to my youth hehe. Please please please be my baby for as long as you can. <3 Love you!

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