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Seek the Unique, The NEW CPK Menu 2017

Good news to CPK lovers.. California Pizza Kitchen now offers Rice Entrees! #SeekTheUnique for lunch with CPK‘s NEW Chicken+Asparagus in Lemon Cream Sauce Rice Entree 345 php, or the Crispy Calamari + Stir Fried Vegetables Rice Entree 295 php. That’s correct, CPK Philippines now serves rice meals with distinct California twists at a price made affordable!

Seek the Unique, The NEW CPK Menu 2017.

Set your taste buds on fire with the spicy sweet taste of CPK‘s NEW Sweet Flame Shrimp Rice Entree 385 php. Plus here are two more new must-try gems in CPK‘s NEW Menu 2017: the Cali-Mex Chicken Salsa Rice Entree 275 php and Quinoa+Arugula Salad 475/275 php, guaranteed a sure hit with my 2 figure-conscious girls. I can’t wait to take them out on an date at CPK this weekend! <3

As you know, Kap my Kap is a rice person through & through. Remember our last European Holiday? Omg it was Chinese food EVERY SINGLE DAY at each city! @_@

Sure, he’d indulge me once in a while & we’d share a pasta, a pizza or a salad (or all of the above haha!), but you can absolutely see in his face that he’s not very happy -or very full for that matter. So this new Rice Entree offerings make the best compromise. Now I can indulge in my all-time CPK faves: Kung Pao Spaghetti, BBQ Chicken Pizza & Chopped BBQ Salad, and he can have his rice meals with both of us happily eating in the same restaurant. #HHWE, win-win! \m/


A NEW Menu of EPIC Proportions: CPK Philippines launches their NEW Menu this 2017  with all new pizzas, pasta, salads, and, for the first time in the Philippines, ALL NEW rice meals!


Chicken+Asparagus in Lemon Cream Sauce Rice Entree 345 php. Fried chicken breast fillet with Piccata cream sauce on the side and served with asparagus, cherry tomatoes & black olives.


Crispy Calamari + Stir Fried Vegetables Rice Entree 295 php. Fried calamari with mixed vegetables sautéed in soy-ginger sauce served with housemate remoulade.


Cali-Mex Chicken Salsa Rice Entree 275 php. Grilled chicken topped with housemade Chipotle salsa and jalapeño, served with blue corn tortilla chips & lime cream.


Sweet Flame Shrimp Rice Entree 385 php. Sauteed sweet & spicy shrimps served with mango-cucumber salsa & fresh cilantro.


Quinoa+Arugula Salad 475/275 php. Super grain salad with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, toasted pine nuts & feta cheese tossed in CPK’s housemate honey dijon vinaigrette.

Wanna walk on the wild side? Then I dare you to try this unique Fruit & Vegetable Dip 295 php. A combination of peanut butter and chocolate cheese dips! Served with cucumber and celery sticks, banana and green apple slices. To eat is to believe! ;)

And although busting with new & exciting offerings, CPK still values tradition, like the age-old graduation. So here a salute to Batch 2017! Gather your family & friends to celebrate your milestone with CPK‘s Graduation Bundles. Prices start at P 1,295. Offer is valid until May 31, 2017.

For more informationon their NEW Menu, do visit, follow them on Facebook & Instagram @cpkphilippines, or visit any of their following branches: 2nd level Alabang Town Center; Ground Level W Global Center, BGC; 2nd level Greenbelt 5; Ground Level Promenade 3, Greenhills; Ground Level SM Mall of Asia; Basement Level Century City Mall; and at the 2nd level Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing.

Happy eating! :-*

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