Cotton On M.O.A.

Sept. 7 was the official opening of Cotton On MOA, the popular australian retail clothing store brought in by Suyen/Bench Corp. But Judith was so busy so we weren’t able to get an invite to the fashion show. And I forgot to ask Al who’s a vice president for BDO, omg where were my marbles –sayang my social climbing abilities! ;P

Too bad, some of ate’s friends were chosen as models -it would have been fun to watch them strut it. I’ve been egging ate to join too but she doesn’t have the self-confidence -I don’t know why, may “K” naman sya.

From Cotton On’s press junket:
Be part of the Cotton On Fashion Show! Send your photo with your name, birthday, and contact number through a direct message to www.facebook.com/cottononph. For 18-24 years old only! Deadline of entries is on Aug. 29, 2012 (12:00 noon) You will be advised once shortlisted. Spread the word!

Yesterday, I took them to MOA so they can shop a little. Ang sabi ko “a little”.. but I don’t think their concept of “little” & mine had the same meaning haha!
At least there wasn’t a long snaky line anymore. *shudder* 
My 3 kiddos, on the warpath to search & conquer! :P
Wow! 2 for 800 php!
But of course the kids didn’t get any from them piles! @_@

Nope, they want the EXPENSIVE ones pa talaga hehe! :P
Looking for pang-porma sa chicks galore..
If you have a BENCH mastercard, you get a 25% discount on opening day. Now this news really CRUSHED my heart! </3 Sayang, could have saved over 6k on their purchases boohoo! :'(( Plus, you can pay in 3 monthly 0% installments at any time if you pay with your Bench mastercard -so hurry, get one now! (nuks, promo!)
Bench MasterCard holders will be given a 25-percent discount while Bench Lifestyle Card holders will get a 10-percent discount. There will also be a giveaway item for every purchase made.

Just look at these happy peeps with their loot! What momma wouldn’t wanna spoil them to see beautiful smiling faces like these? <3

Giant shopping bags filled to the brim! @_@

My wallet, on the other hand, is still groaning & grunting haha. Our saturdate doesn’t end there. For our lunch at LUGANG CAFE, click HERE. Toodles! :-*

So TRUE! <3
I SUPER love my wallet-raping kids!!!

PS – Look who’s using her new rocco bag! ;P

My ate is sooo payat now.
She’s been diligently cutting back on carbs, eating so little, & zumba-ing a lot.
Please take care of your health ate, I worry about you! :(
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