My 2nd most favorite time of the year is comingggg!! Trick or Treat, y’all! m/ I LOVE costumes! <3 Keeping in line with “royal highnesses”, I decided that I want to be Snow White this halloween. Of course, you already know who my Prince Charming will be. And he’s so not going to be happy when he sees the costume I had especially made for him haha. He’s not getting away with just a t-shirt this time! ;P
Fitting of my halloween costume.
Snow White in now married with kids & has grown F-A-T! (shhh!)
and where would Snow White be without her trusty DWARFS???
Yep, you guessed right. The kiddos will be my dwarfs -they are the supporting roles as usual haha.
I got this DOPEY ears from Amazon.com.
Ain’t it cute???


Large Ears

List Price: $21.77
Price: $4.50
You Save: $17.27 (79%)

Ships from and sold by Private Island.

I also got dwarf  hats for my Doc, Grumpy & Dopey! <3


7 Pack Assorted Color Dwarf Hats

List Price: $83.99
Price: $69.99
You Save: $14.00 (17%)
Size: Adult One Size
Color: Assorted Colors


ONE Adult Dwarf Hat

Suggested Price: $26.99
Price: $9.99
You Save: $17.00 (62%)
You know who else decided to rain on my parade & be Snow White??? ATE! >:( Of course I objected. But alas, I have to share my queendom with her since it’s her part for her Social Dancing class in school. Girl, you are so back to being a dwarf come halloween! :P

She does actually come out a better Snow White! ;)
My prettina & her friends for their Social Dancing class in P.E.
(Cinderella, Snow White, Belle & Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora)
I’m really REALLY excited for this coming halloween. Too bad the Lhulliers aren’t having a ball this year. All dressed up & nowhere to go. Any invitations out there? ANYONE??? ;))
The best thing about halloween..
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