For our post-valentine celebration last night as a family, we decided to use our Diamond Hotel Late Night Weekend Buffet vouchers. I was second guessing my brilliant idea on buying this as soon as I saw the lids of my kiddos drooping. :P

They had an early & super long day in school filled with tiring activities, especially on a friday. Normally, by 9 P.M. they are already in dreamlandia during weekdays. So to wait up until 10:30 for a late dinner wasn’t such a brilliant idea after all. ;))

It would have been best if we went tonight, except my babyson was invited to a prom. (I hope he gives me at least 1 picture to share with you!!! @_@) So there’s that.

To keep them awake, I took them to watch an action movie starring BRUCE WILLIS before our late dinner. ATC is so cute, they put up a cinema (free outdoor movie) smack right in the middle of the mall for those celebrating post valentines as well.. I don’t know if this will be a permanent weekend fixture, I will keep you posted.

They have such cute tents! <3
You have to go there really early tough, I’m thinking, to snatch those tents. I only saw like 2-3 of those. The rest were ordinary seats.
Roxas boulevard is so pretty at night, all lit up..

My fashionistas. <3
Clothes by Topshop/Topman. Shoes by Zara/Zara Man
I’m wearing one of my hunny bun’s Valentine’s gift to me. It’s so cute & colorful -so me, don’t you think? ;)
I just need better shoes hehe. It’s just that fitflops are so comfy. But ate wants to throw them all away! </3
In fairness ate, ma-glitter naman sya, hmp! :P
They let people in at exactly 10:30 P.M. so there was really a deluge of hungry people crowding the buffet area.
It got a little better though once they knew the food wouldn’t run out! ;))
They served pizza..
There was a noodle station..
you get to choose your noodle & stuffin’s
right beside the dimsum.
What can I say? They LOVE their shu-mais! ;))
My first plate.
My 3 little piggy wiggys! <3 <3 <3
Drinks are included.
The late-night buffet is supposed to be for voucher holders only, but for walk-ins, it’s 888 php net/person.
With the one who always lights up my life. ;) 
Although this also lit up my night, teehee! :P
Aside from the isolated stations, they also have some hot dishes here & there.
We all loved their chili con carne. <3
There’s also a pasta station.
and a dessert station conjoined to the salad/cold cuts station.
My dessert plate. <3

For 500 php, we really didn’t expect much. Of course the usual sushi & carving stations were out. But the food they served was good. I don’t think Diamond hotel will be one of my favorite hotels though. :P

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