Coop Bazaar

First bazaar for the year.. how exciting!! :) It’s the “ber” months now, from hereon and every weekend until December, there’s going to be a bazaar of some sort. Thus, making us very very happy! ;))

So, with their rain gear on, the kids & I went amidst the heavy rains just to satisfy our shopping addiction hahaha! :P Besides, Daddy is still at the mall for the last leg of the badminton tournament, so we had to amuse ourselves somehow on this gloomy afternoon! ;)

As soon as we stepped on dry ground, my Lovey’s eyes immediately locked on an Angry Birds battery-operated toy.. OMG! @_@

Part of the fun in bazaars is haggling.
From 450.. it went down to 330.
I would have wanted 300 flat, but since the bazaar sale is really matumal due to the heavy rains,
I pitied the tindero & gave in to his asking price of 330 :P
So many Angry Birds stuff for sale! @_@

Took shots of some booths to share with you. Only the interesting ones. I’m warning you though, I really have A LOT of photos in this blog ha! My blogs are always photo-heavy, but this particular blog is EXCEPTIONALLY photo-heavy hehe! :P

Pet stuff.. sniff, I miss my Virginia! :'((
Organic stuff.. we were surprised to see Lovey’s teacher manning the booth.
Turns out it’s her sister’s booth & she’s helping out! :)
“quadruple A” bags! :P
Jeans galore..
shoesesessssss.. ;)
chill cds..
Statement shirts..
Yes. Those are LIVE bees! :P
This booth is selling honey & honey wine.

Halloween & Christmas decors..
Christmas lights..
They also had entertainment..

They were playing old songs which I found really soothing & relaxing.
Mixed with the cool weather, it was a chillax atmosphere! :)

The usual raffle..

And promotional booths..

Citibank credit card..
Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala..
Free games.. ate popped all 3!!! m/
My lovey didn’t have enough upper body strength for the darts, hahaha! :P
ate’s prize! ;))
Pwede pera nalang???
Mitsubishi motors..
And a food court which looks like a talipapa na because of the muddy ground..

Brother’s Burger.. yum!!! <3
“Dirty” ice cream..
and Goldilocks! <3
Look at the muddy football field! Kawawa the concessionaires. I don’t think they sold much yesterday & today on account of the heavy rains… not even enough to cover their rent! :((
It started to pour again, so we decided to go home na and continue watching The (dysfunctional) Kardashians! :P 
Sarap to have a driver! ;)
Don’t worry, my babyson is very safe & responsible.

Good night everyone, keep safe! :-*

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