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Cooking Mama.. my road to becoming a Domesticated Diva.

As you know, I don’t cook, but I do love to watch cooking shows. The seasoned chefs, they look so effortless, parang napakadali lang magluto. One of my fave cooking shows is Barefoot Contessa starring Ina Garten. I love how she is so calm, and yes -effortless in her cookings, how she is still so in love with her husband of almost 50 years, Jeffrey (tukayo pa ni Kap) always cooking him up a storm; and how she is so simple & unassuming in spite of her status –parang your next door neighbor lang ang peg. Hindi magarbo (4 lang yata ang damit nya, paulit-ulit na black-blue-white-gray hehe) at hindi rin mayabang. <3 It’s actually a cooking show & love story in one, what more can I ask for? ;) You can check out her recipes HERE.

Growing up in a 4-storey hospital setting which was the main business of my mom -who also doesn’t cook can I just add, I never laid eyes on a kitchen (it was located on the topmost floor & I was not allowed to loiter). Never saw my mom cook either. So it wasn’t something that I embraced when I became a homemaker myself.

From the get go, PIL stayed with us & MIL was a wonderful cook, so I unwillingly relinquished the kitchen to her -along with my entire house. Hay. That’s another story for another day though. :P

But I’ve always been fascinated with whipping up delicious meals. Hence, my love affair with Four Season’s Hotpot & Buffet, lol. More than the food offerings, I think it’s the inner cooking diva in me that wants to be released kaya tuwang-tuwa akong magpanggap when we eat there. The resto makes hotpot cooking look so easy, just put everything in the boiling pot & voila.. KAIN NA! :)

Dakilang inggitera that I am, I also wanted to hotpot at home. So I set out to buy the necessary equipments & made a choice to “learn”. While I was at the store, I went a little further & bought a round Korean BBQ griller. Can I just say? Best value for my buck as we’ve been using these thingamajigs non-stop haha.

Bae pointed me to a Korean store that sold this BBQ grilling gadget. Maniwala kayo o hindi, we didn’t know how to operate the butane burner hehe. After some twitches & experimentation, we finally got the hang of it & discovered the many wonders of cooking (or heating food TBH, lolz)! \m/

Korean BBQ.. CHECK! ;) TBH, more than me, my lovey has been taking more of the cooking responsibilities at home haha. Hanggang bili at tingin (pakialam) lang talaga ako.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Now we’ve been cooking non-stop ala table top hahaha. Yan oh, pati pancake & bacon, BBQ style na rin. ;)) Best purchase ever, we’ve had so many great times bonding & cooking over the weekends lately. Im telling you, invest in one too & have your family members join in the fun, such a great AND YUMMY weekend activity with your loved ones.

See? It seems like err’member of the fambam has taken to the humble Korean grilling gadget hehe. We finally found a use for my Babyson! ;)) He is now our grill master!

Even ask the Lolas, they’ll definitely agree. :)

Ditch the grill & replace with a stainless pot, voila! We can hotpot in the comfort of our own home, kahit wala pang ligo haha. Then a quick dip in the pool after. Now this is the life! <3 I’m really happy we moved the smaller table for outdoor dining.

Kap & I bought ingredients at the Asian Shops at Cartimar in Pasay. There are rows of stores devoted to bola-bola & what have yous. I just love satay sauce so I bought a big can to satisfy my craving. I add a generous dollop to my soup, mis everything together, and I’m in heaven.

No need to squeeze into tight spaces fighting for food like you would at a resto. Now eating hotpot at home is as calm as a gentle breeze.

These 2 shops compete for top place as hotpot heaven! Lahat ng klase ng bola-bola meron sila! <3

Some time ago, I also bought a raclette & fondue maker. Now the kids & their friends get to enjoy meals out back..

I’m happy that we get to extend our family bonding activities to their friends who treat our abode as their second home. <3 The girls had a blast melting cheese & drinking sparkling wine haha.

I think I prefer the electric version better & will buy one for our hotpot & BBQ nights instead of the butane na laging nauubos.

Dessert is a must for us GOppets gals. Sweet tooth is a given factor. Yung mga boys wa paki basta may extra rice! :P) Chocolate fondue is so easy to make. Just but chocolate chips, add milk, and boil. Serve wth fruits, instant dessert! ;)

Now that summer is here, I also bought Ice Cream dishes in different sizes, shapes, and colors for hot summer nights. Just last week Bae & her friends enjoyed an Ice Cream buffet in our patio with even more friends. Next time we’ll make halo-halo naman – the possibilities are endless hehe!

I love that our house is home to the kids’ friends. They are always welcome with wide, open arms. <3

Shalalalala.. it’s ice cream in the mo-or-niiiing. Leftovers from that night’s ice cream buffet. Why not? ;)

Another perfect summer treat? MILKSHAKES! <3 How to make a Strawberry Smoothie.. Blend half of frozen strawberries, add 1/4 tsp. vanilla, 1 cup vanilla ice cream and 2 tbsp. milk in blender until smooth. Optional: sugar, depending on the sweetness level you want. Pour into 2 glasses. Repeat with remaining strawberries, vanilla, ice cream and milk. Serve immediately.

Inspired, we also added a waffle maker to our growing cooking gadget collection. Anong sinabi ng iHop at Pancake House? Lutong bahay na all the way in our jammies every weekend hehe. No reason to go out to eat anymore. Kap will be happy. :P

Even our dearest Lelly has given her stamp of approval. <3 Nakakasali pa sya!

O yes, pati juicer pinatulan ko na rin. Mahirap palang mamasyal sa True Value, lahat nalang iaalok sayo! :P My old juicer already conked out, let’s see how much mileage this new one will get. :)


My next project? Hopefully a TEPPAN TABLE! ;) Kakaririn ko talaga yan hingiin kay Kap my Kap.

Our favorite teppan place is Yurakuen at Manila Diamond Hotel. No place else can beat the giant scallops, the freshest seafoods, and the meatiest meats.

At 2,800/pop, Kap will FOR SURE choose to build me one soon kesa mamulubi sya kaka-date diyan sa akin, mwahaha. Lilinggo-lingguhin ko ang pa-date sa kanya diyan hanggang igawa nya ako ng sarili kong mesa! ;)

In fair, he said he will naman daw, pero uunahin nya muna ang project Kastilyong Buhangin, trololol. Dun daw namin ilalagay ang teppan table at pugon ko pang-pizza. Sige na nga, basta yung mga panahong malakas pa ako ha at kaya ko pang magluto! :))

Pag nagkataon, you can call me na.. the COOKING MAMA! ;))

Can Baking Mama be far behind? Naaaah, I think I will stop with fantasy cooking haha. Ibang level na itong baking! Merry Berry Cake by Cakes by Miriam. The butter cake is sorta ordinary. Ang pang-bato nya talaga is the icing & the umaapaw fruits with isangkatutak na toothpick to hold them together. Gotta be careful with dem picks, muntikan ko pang malunok! @_@

Cakes by Miriam

Address: 1233 Yap Fraternity Building, Alvarado Extension, Binondo Manila 1000
Order details: 2 days lead time. Full payment to confirm your order. Delivery (morning only) with charge on selected areas (600 pesos to Alabang).  Lobby drop off only for condo and buildings.
Payment details: BDO acct # 000230122345  Miriam Lim Mandap  Please don’t forget to write your FULL NAME on the DEPOSIT SLIP and send it to us thru imsg, viber or email.  merryberrycakesbymiriam@gmail. com
Pick up areas: Abad Santos Manila, Roosevelt QC or Sta. Mesa, Manila.
Viber: 0917 873 7378 
Instagram: cakes_by_miriam
Email: merryberrycakesbymiriam@gmail. com
MERRY BERRY (bestseller). Cake base is vanilla butter with fresh fruit filling, frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream.
9 x13 rectangle P3,600 | 12 inch round P3,600 | 9 inch round P1,950 | 2 tier cake ( 8″ & 12″) P7,500 | 3 tier cake ( 6″, 10″ & 14″) P8,500
MERRY BERRY OVERLOAD. Cake base is vanilla butter with fresh fruit filling, covered with Driscoll’s strawberries all cream.
8 inch round P6,000 | 2 tier (8″ & 12″) P13,000
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (bestseller). Fluffy, feather like vanilla sponge cake filled with sliced Driscoll’s strawberries, frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream. cream.
9″ round P1,700 | 9 x 13 rectangle P3,400
KAHLUA MOCHA CAKE. Coffee flavored chiffon cake with Kahlua mocha flavored frosting, topped with strawberry halves, ferrero, and chopped walnuts.
9″ round P1,800
YELLOW MANGO CAKE. Fluffy, feather like vanilla sponge cake filled with ripe yellow mangoes, frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream.
10″ round P1,700
STRAWBERRY MATCHA CAKE. Matcha flavored sponge cake, filled with Driscoll’s strawberries, frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream with matcha.
9″ round P1,900
FERRERO MALTESER CAKE. Moist chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling with white chocolate ganache.
8″ round P2,600 | 12″ round P4,600 | 2 tier cake ( 8″ & 12″) P11,000 | 3 tier cake ( 6″, 8″ & 14″) P13,000
FERRERO CUPCAKE. Moist chocolate cupcake with semi-sweet chocolate swirl frosting and ferrero chocolate. Minimum order 24 pcs P1,800
GIANT KITKAT CAKE. Moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, frosted with chocolate ganache, giant kitkat around the side of the cake, topped with 2 packs driscolls strawberries.
8″ round cake P4,800 | 12″ round cake P9,600
CARROT CAKE BARS. Light and moist carrot buttercake frosted with slightly sweetened cream cheese. 24 bars P950
TRES LECHES CAKE. Soaked in 3 kinds of milk, filled with slightly sweetened cream cheese and sliced fruits, frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream. Topped with fresh Driscoll’s strawberries and peaches.
9×13 rectangle P4,100 | 9 inch round P2,300 | 2 tier cake (8″ & 12″) P9,000 | 3 tier cake ( 6″, 8″ & 14″) P10,000
TRES LECHES CUPCAKE. Soaked in 3 kinds of milk, topped with slightly sweetened cream cheese and strawberry. Minimum order 24 pcs 1,800
RAINBOW CAKE. Vanilla butter cake with cream cheese filling, frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream.
9″ round white rainbow cake P2200 | 9″ round swirls rainbow cake P2500
CHRISTMAS CAKE. Moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, frosted with white chocolate ganache
8″ round P2800 | 12″ round P5000 | 2 tier cake ( 8″ & 12″) P13,000 | 3 tier cake ( 6″, 8″ & 14″) P16,000
CHOCOBERRY CAKE. Moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling forsted with chocolate ganache icing and drippings. Topped with grapes and strawberries dipped in semi sweet chocolate. 8″ round P2800 | 12″ round P5000 | 2 tier cake ( 8″ & 12″) P13,000 | 3 tier cake ( 6″, 8″ & 14″) P16,000
  • Cake order (Candles free 18pcs)
  • Additional: Cake topper (100) | Lucis (20)
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