Cooking 101!

So! Off to another culinary adventure for my baby girl. I’m glad she found a hobby, although I must admit this new hobby is really bad for our supposed DIET PACT!!! ;))

My baby’s happy smile makes up for having to wake up early, and the endless waiting while she cooks! :)

The first session I was a little disappointed. Compared to the orderly baking camp my baby had previously attended, this one was a bit disorganized. The pastry chef didn’t speak english well (or at all???) so he remained quiet while he was showing the kids how to make cream puffs & eclairs. His assistants didn’t know they were “assistants” !!!

The pastry chef. I’m sure he is a good chef, but he didn’t know how to interact with the kids.
He just went on his merry little way with no explanation whatsoever. There just wasn’t any connection! :(
Also, there wasn’t enough supervision, so kids with stronger personalities got more hands-on experience than the more timid ones (like my baby). I had to keep reminding her group mates (who were siblings so naturally they decided to be the alpha & the beta!!!) to let my lovey try as well or they would have done everything by themselves! @_@ And OMG.. the yayas were all over!! They were crowding the kids & looked like they were the ones who enrolled in the cooking camp! Clearly, no one was in charge.

I had to keep reminding my baby’s team mates to divide the work.
The little girl was especially passionate, she kept grabbing whatever was in my lovey’s hands because she wanted to be the one to do it! ALL THE TIME!!! @_@

Considering the kids did these all by themselves, the pastries were actually yummy, to my surprise! ;)
My happy baby! <3
I liked the second session better. Although the japanese chef also couldn’t speak any english, he had 4 able assistants who handled the situation better. The were more attentive to the kids & were organized.

I loved the japanese chef. The was a language barrier but he was kind & warm towards the kids.
The chef’s assitants were so helpful & friendly.
And thank God my baby didn’t have the same team mates this time! @_@

Her fried kakiage! ;) Lovey was afraid of the talsik so the chef helped her out.
My happy baby with her happy meal! ;))
The third session featured fake meatball sandwich. I found it really yucky, though! ;)) they used porridge to make the fake meatballs. Pound cake for the supposed bread, and raspberry jam as ketchup. We forced ourselves to give it a try.. but it really tasted BLECHHHHHHH!!!!! :P

I’m really glad my baby is getting to be a whiz at this! :) I’m so happy she’s enjoying!
Porridge, cooled down & balled into “meatballs” :P
Light pound cake used as “loaf”
This was actually a hit with the kids, to my amazement. Oh well, anything sweet gets them off! :))
The last session was bittersweet for my baby love. She will surely miss her 2 remaining classes, but at the same time she’s excited to go on our trip!!! They made chicken & mushroom meatballs in gravy with risotto.. which were incredibly yummy!!!

The executive chef finally got back from his vacation & took over the classes.
Too bad it was my baby’s last session! :(( He was really fun!

Meatballs rolled in baking soda.
Tada!!! Yummy!!! :)

I asked my lovey which one she liked better, between the first class & the last class. She definitely liked both but loved the last one a bit more because of the cooking involved. So I guess this means her plan of becoming a pastry chef might still change.. now that’s she’s also found the joys of cooking! ;)

Congratulations baby! I’m so proud of you. And I also learned so much watching you cook & bake. I’ll be your sous chef! ;)

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