Cook Out Help Out 2

The first Cook Out Help Out charity event for rebuilding Visayas, I wasn’t able to go, as much as I wanted to. So for the 2nd round, I made sure I will be a part of this worthwhile project. Not only am I able to help in a small way, but I am able to EAT BIG as well! ;) How can you beat that?

Cook Out To Help Out: Rebuilding Visayas @ Power Plant Mall
November 29 – December 1, 2013 (12 NN – 10 PM)
Plaza Drive, Power Plant Mall, Lopez Drive, Makati
For 200 php. buy a burger, build a home. Join the neighborhood cook out at Power Plant Mall and have your fill of gourmet burger meals while helping rehabilitate typhoon-stricken areas at the same time.
Tickets available at Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Bacchus Epicerie, and Rockwell’s Retail Office (P3 level, Power Plant Mall). Tickets will also be available the gate during the event. Each ticket entitles the holder to one set of burger, fries and drink.
100% of all ticket sales will go to the Habitat for Humanity for the rehabilitation of communities devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

Cook Out Help Out 2 -which may be the last and is a bigger, better version of the 1st one, is a fund raising activity still to help build homes devastated by typhoon Yolanda spearheaded by ELBERT CUENCA of Elbert’s SteakroomElbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches, and Ramen Yushoken.

Imagine all the great burger chefs in scheduled rotation under 1 roof for 3 consecutive days! m/ Which means if you go there for lunch & dinner 3 days in a row, you get to try ALL the featured burgers in 1 setting -you don’t have to make the rounds anymore. And, you get to see your favorite chefs in action too. That’s what Cook Out Help Out 2 had to offer that great weekend in Rockwell!

Buy a burger, build more homes! A P300 ticket gets you a burger, fries and drink meal set. For an additional P200, you get upgraded to a gourmet burger created by a featured chef.
100% of ticket sales will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to rebuild communities devastated by super typhoon Yolanda.
Happened Friday to Sunday (24 to 26 January 2014), from 12 noon to 10pm, at the Plaza Drive of Power Plant Mall, in Rockwell, Makati City
Elbert featured his RAMEN BURGER (noodles and shoyu dressing from Ramen Yushoken) on the first day, whipping up 100 burgers from 3pm up. Too bad we went on a Saturday. But good news is, Ramen Yushoken is virtually our neighbor in the south so we can try the Ramen Burger any time. :)

It was a lazy saturday that I invited the kids to join me for a late burger lunch at the Rockwell Tent. All my chores were taken care of & the kids had the whole afternoon free. There was a cool, gentle breeze.. perfect day for a burger outdoors! ;)

My constant & reliable posse! <3

Single-pattied regular burger for 300 php with fries & a drink of your choice.

But of course we wanted the SPECIAL burgers! ;)

Shirts & Aprons for 300 php only.

We got four 500 php ticket good for 1 gourmet burger meal each.

Handing out Elbert’s Plain Burgers. (300 php ticket holders). Not bad!

Chef Ian Padilla of Brasserie Girollee

Ate got this & it was soooo darn good that if I didn’t love her, I would have traded my umami burger for her Girolle Burger in a heartbeat! :P

Since none of my kids liked shitake mushrooms, I claimed this burger for my own so we can have a variety.

 My Medyo Umami Burger from Elbert’s & mushrooms from Marco Lobregat’s Ministry of Mushrooms.

It looked the same as the regular burger with some shitake mushrooms on top.
It was also single-pattied too, unlike the other 3 variants which were all double-pattied.

Myron’s Place Burgers!

Chef Franco of Myron’s Place.

Chef Franco’s Chili Cheddar Burger was a messy but yummy winner. <3
Like I said, it was double-pattied & had lots & lots of chili spread.

Chef Franco’s Swiss Mushroom Cheeseburger which also exploded with mushrooms & other fillings.
Now this is what you call a gourmet burger.

I’m so happy I was able to drag the kids to Rockwell that Saturday & we were able to have some QT & ET. <3

All the meals (300 php & 500 php) came with Fries.

And your choice of drinks. 1 round of course.

Everyone was in happy spirits, I’m glad to say. :)

On the way to our table, we were met by these lovely ladies. Any amount in exchange for Iced tea, a milkshake and/or softserve..

Naturally, I got BOTH creamy goodness ! ;)
The one with the cookie is the melted soft serve ice cream. They both tasted the same, actually.

Yummers! <3
I always look forward to weekends. I just love being with the kids. <3

And yes, it was truly a successful event if you were to base it on the number of people who kept coming. I heard it gets really crowded at night. So noon was the perfect time for us.

As we were about to leave, we were approached by Mr. Elbert Cuenca himself & offered us some chocolates.

Surely this isn’t too much, right? ;))
He did say grab a couple! :P

In case you were wondering what other heavenly burgers were offered on the 2 other days:

Friday, see Alicia Sy’s Instagram post!

Where is pink panda? Right here at cook out 2 help out at Rockwell Power Plant mall. Enjoy a glass of apricot/peach whiskey rum navy punch with your Banh Mi burger by Chefs Siggy, Pete, and Erwan.

Sunday, see Jin Perez’ Instagram post!

@sugar_n_spice_88 got all available, of course! OMG Burger by @margaritafores, The Original by @chef_chris_locher, and Antonio’s!

Cook Out Help Out 2 Rocked! m/ It was burger heaven I tell you. Too bad I was only able to go for a day huhuhu. Not that I want more devastations, but how I wish this cook out could be a quarterly thing at least. Pang-pondo, Mr. Elbert Cuenca??? ;)

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  • Reply ewok1993

    your suggestion of doing this fundraising on a regular basis (qtrly) is brilliant. after all the rebuilding process is long and costly. the region needs to have assistance for a long time.

    i enjoy seeing your brood complete. really happy that babyson was able to join this time. my guess is it’s the burgers that made this trip something he couldn’t refuse, j/k.

    February 8, 2014 at 8:57 am
    • Reply Sugar and Spice

      Not that they would listen to a nobody like me hahaha. And yes, burgers & a theat of dramatic tears from his mommy got my babyson to join our burger outing! ;)) Thank you, Maria! :-*

      February 8, 2014 at 9:20 am
  • Reply MED (@Dandasha_8D)

    I hope they will have this again! Helping them is not a one time-big time thing lang eh… it’s from RELIEF to RESTORATION. Please let me know it there’s another event like this, I would love to go and eat burgers, too!

    February 10, 2014 at 1:45 pm
    • Reply Sugar and Spice

      yikes sorry meding i was sure you knew about this kasi rockwell event. hopefully magkaroon uli but the press release is last na daw huhuhu.

      February 10, 2014 at 1:48 pm

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