Contis Bakeshop & Restaurant

Wednesday, January 9, was the Feast of the Black Nazarene which means no so school in Metro Manila. Yay! I had ate all to myself.. but I was on a fast! @_@ What to do when you can’t do anything, more so EAT -which is our favorite activity??? Teehee! :P

It was time to test my self control, LOL-jk! ;)) Nahhh. It was more of God’s grace than self control. I could never STOP EATING on my own. It is only through a higher being that I am able to control my body.

Contis is an all-time favorite in my family. Even when the only branch was in B.F. Paranaque, we were already fans of this lovely bakeshop & restaurant. It soon expanded to the Fort, then Alabang Town Center, and now, Westgate in Filinvest. It was most definitely high time we paid this new baby a visit! ;)

The new Contis in Westgate

Don’t you like ate’s TOPSHOP dress? :)
May surprise sa likod!
Being on a (liquid) fast, I just ordered soup. I’m on maintenance medication for my Type 2 diabetes & hypertension, so even if I wanted to, I can’t go on Full Fast mode (water only). For those of you who also want to fast but are not physically fit or able to do so, do what I do:
Morning: (Juicer) Ampalaya-2, apple-1, carrot-1 cocktail. (Hardboiled) Egg.

Noon: (Juicer) Ampalaya-2, apple-1, carrot-1 cocktail. Banana.

Evening: (Juicer) Ampalaya-2, apple-1, carrot-1 cocktail. Banana.
Normally, I skip my carrot every other day because I don’t wanna turn yellow (hypercarotenemia). But because I need all the vitamins & minerals I can get to last the whole week, I’m having the carrots 3x/day, yikes! So if you see me a bit yellowish, please don’t mention it, haha! :P
And you can actually have soup instead of the juice if you’re not the fruity type. Or change the concoction. I only incorporated ampalaya because I really need it. Otherwise, I would scrap it altogether. Everything tastes bad when there is ampalaya mixed in, hehe.

Seafood Chowder 80.00 php 
Scrambled Egg 15.00 php 
Choices.. choices..
She finally settled for her Contis all-time favorite.. 
Baked Salmon 355.00 php
(really, I don’t know why she even looked through the menu FOR A FULL 30 MINUTES when I already knew what she was going to order! @_@)
With a side dish of Paella.
(IKR? Weird combination. But Contis paired ’em!)
The wait staff must have taken pity on me coz she gave us complimentary dessert.
Mukha siguro akong gutom haha.
Which led me to buy this..
Fruited muffins 275.00 php
and this, as pasalubong for my 2 other liliputs! <3
Chicken Pie 28 php/pc.
Contis delectable cakes & pastries! <3 
With my prettina! ;-*

Sigh. so many new restaurants. So little stomach space! :P

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