Ate took her college entrance tests to DLSU, ADMU, UST & UP last year without ANY review whatsoever (let me just brag a little :”P One proud momma!!!), and here are the results. We are just so mighty proud of her! <3

She was a bit emotional since this was the 1st ever result among the 4 colleges she liked.
She heaved a big sigh of relief that at least she passed 1 school haha.
Oh ate, ye of little faith! We claim ALL in Christ Jesus. Amen! :)

1st pre-med course choice in DLSU: Human Biology

DLSU result was posted 01.09.12
Never doubted you for a moment.
We knew you will make it! m/

DLSU results out. 1 down, 3 to go. Congratulations my Jana Go you have made us, yet again, oh so proud. We never doubted it for a minute. Love you so much! :-*

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Just so you know, not all her classmates passed DLSU, even with the reviews left & right (hehe, yes please let me brag again). Only half of them got in. And I thought DLSU would be the easiest to pass among the 4! Mistaken-was-I! @_@

1st pre-med course choice in ADMU: Health Science
ADMU result was posted 01.14.12
God is so good! <3
ADMU results out.. Congratulations again my dearest Jana Go for making it! m/ what can I say, we are just so very proud of you. You continue to give us so much joy and pride, we are so blessed to have such a beautiful, smart, caring & loving daughter! ♥ 2 down, 2 more to go! Keeping our fingers crossed! :)

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1st pre-med course choice in UST: BS Biology. A quota course!

UST result was posted 01.18.12
Lord, You are magnificent! :-*
Dearest Jana Go, I am in tears as I write this. I am so full of joy to have been blessed with such a smart, beautiful, caring and loving daughter who never ceases to amaze me and give me so much happiness! Congratulations for passing the UST exam, sweetheart! I am just soooo very proud of you that I am practically bursting with pride & joy! God is truly good, He will be with you every step of the way towards your success. I love you baby!!! 3 down.. 1 to go! But you’re already my hero, regardless! :-*
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Unfortunately though, UP was not in the cards for her. She really cried buckets when she didn’t see her name on the list because it was her 1st choice among the 4. Good thing the 2 last results came out simultaneously, so there was still good news in spite of the bad. :(

God has a different plan for you, ate. I just know it in my heart. And like I said, you are still my hero no matter what. You know, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. And besides, you applied for BOTH quota courses, ate, those are really hard courses to get in to. Some get off without passing a single test at all, right? ;)

To my beautiful, smart, loving, thoughtful, sweet, caring ate… Congratulations! Words are not enough to tell you what I feel. So I hope that my tight hug & tear-laden kisses will let you feel the joy & pride you never fail to give me. God truly gave me a precious gem! <3 

I am just bursting with love, pride & joy simply for you being YOU, ate! <3

To God be ALL the glory!
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