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Commune Cafe

After our classy dinner at 71 Gramercy (see previous post), we opted to have coffee & dessert elsewhere. For the GOppets, fine dining should only be limited to main courses. Meaning, we have plenty of room left in our tummies to fill with sugary, gooey stuff! For dessert, we wanted, NEEDED, something more substantial & filling to make us happy. It’s the last meal of the day, after all. :)

I’ve been seeing coffee 3D art on Instagram lately. So far I’ve only had flat coffee art, not the 3D kind, so my curiosity had me asking my girls to point me to the right direction. Hello Commune Cafe! <3

Commune Cafe

Liberty Plaza Street, 102 HV Dela Costa Salcedo Village, Makati +63 933 720 0241; (02) 889-2660 (They are moving soon though, maybe as of this publishing, so do check their FB page below for a change in location)

Commune Cafe is actually an all-day dining place and not just limited to coffee & desserts. CLICK HERE for a complete list of their menu. The prices are surprisingly affordable! \m/ 99 php for my yummy cappuccino art. Oh, di ba?

Since we already had our dinner, we each got dessert & coffee to cap off our night before heading home..


Commune is so cozy. I can stay there all night long & have cup after cup.



I guess that’s the exact sentiment of most of the customers too. Super feel at home!



I like that it’s fun & quirky, not boring & stuffy. The GOppets are fun people & we take delight in whimsy. Just ask my Lovey! ;)



I zeroed in on the Apple Pie.



Ala Mode. How else should you eat it, right? <3 Apple Pie ala Mode 210 php.



While my girls squealed in delight at finding these Cookie Shots! You can put either milk or ice cream inside. How cool is that? Everything is edible!



My Lovey had Cereal Ice Cream on her Cookie Shot, while her Ate had Malted Milk Ice Cream. 165 php each.



My lovely girls take such delight in simple, ordinary things. Happy girls are the prettiest, don’t you agree?



Ate asked for a cat 3D art. She is SO not a cat. She is more a tiger. Hear her roar! ;))




So dainty. Meow.. Cappuccino 99 php.



Ok fine, dainty ka rin Ate. :P #nose2nose



And yes, I am MOST DEFINITELY a pig, Hear me oink. Cappuccino 99 php. The people in Commune were so nice to indulge my request for a Ms. Piggy coffee art. Thank you! <3



I like this candid shot of me & Ate, Para kaming maaamo. Little do you know. HAHAHA!



Our cappuccino simot to the last drop. I usually take my coffee black because I don’t like milk. But for 3D coffee? I’d ask for another cup. ;)

The manager said they’d be moving location soon, but also in the Makati area. Like a block or 2 away lang daw. I could get used to this kind of 3D coffee. Pagawa ako buong Muppets. I shall return! ;)


Next time I’ll make sure to get a Kermit. <3

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