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Coco Ichibanya

If it were not for the heavy traffic & distance, I would love to be in Estancia Mall at least once a week. It’s generally chill, I feel so relaxed when I’m there & I would love to try the many new restos cropping up in Capitol Commons & also Estancia Mall itself.

My 2 older kids are on summer break so my baby bunso has our driver at her disposal. Mej nakakagala ako ng malayo-layo with Kap for our date days coz I don’t need to hurry back for pick ups.

Whenever Kap has some free time, he’d ask me where I want to go & my answer would always be the same. Estancia please, Honey. :) Which was perfect because it’s where I met up with my 3 new girlfriends last week.


My 3 new young & pretty girlfriends. Feeling nanay lang talaga ako diba, they are SO FRESH! Meet the lovely Janna (L), Judy (M), and Jessica (R). <3 All Js.

Now I LOVE curry & all things hot & spiced. I think I’d have fun in India because of all the curry & spices there. The rest of the GOppets are not into curry though, so I usually forego my cravings because of course I want all of us to enjoy our meal & time together when we go out.


Curry (/ˈkʌri/, plural curries) is a dish whose origins are in South and Southeast Asian cuisines. The common feature is the incorporation of complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chillies. The main spices found in most South Asian curry powders are turmeric, coriander, and cumin; a wide range of additional spices may be included depending on the geographic region and the foods being included. Source: Wikipedia

But last Thursday was MY day, meaning I got to have some awesome CURRY! And where else but at CoCo Ichibanya for all things curried & cur-ayzee Japanese Katsus! <3

Did you know that the curry used at CoCo Ichibanya is vegetable based? So even vegetarians can eat at CoCo Ichibanya. And Kap was especially tickled pink that there are different rice portions -from 200 to 600 grams! Alam nyo na, ang tunay na lalaki laging may extra rice, and Kap is as tunay as it gets! ;)



Meanwhile, I was just happy that I’d get to make my own happy meal combo & choose what I want on my plate. I can mix & match to my heart’s content! PLUS! I get to choose the spiciness level of my curry too from mild to Crazy Hot (of course that’s what I got). Now this is what I call CHOICES, woot! <3

CoCo Ichibanya

Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Meralco Avenue, Kapitolyo, Pasig (02) 696-1649


CoCo Ichibanya holds the Guinness World Record for the largest curry restaurant chain in the world–with over 1,400 stores! And we have Mr. HUBERT YOUNG of the UCC & Mitsuyado Sei-men fame to thank for bringing the franchise to the Philippines!



I love Japanese Fastfood places because they have all these plastic food display that you could just point to when ordering. Most of the menus now don’t have pictures of the food so this is very refreshing & helpful especially when choosing for the kids.





Because Kap & I are hearty eaters, we got the complete package each. Meaning CHOICE OF ALL ITEMS, lol! For an additional 130 php only on top of our regular meal, we get soup, salad, dessert & a drink. All in talaga!



On a diet? (which I’m not) There are 7 kinds of salad choices. Three of which are: Egg Salad (top) 100 php, Sausage Salad (left) 180 php, and Corn Salad 100 php. Their Iced Tea is not your usual, it’s Calamansi Iced Tea 100 php. Really refreshing.



Orders of 4 ladies & a gentleman! ;) Girls with great appetites make the best date!



Cheese Hamburger Curry 360 php, with an extra order of Sausage 130 php. This is a popular food item in CoCo Ichibanya.



Look at the cheese oozing from that baby! <3



Pari-pari Chicken Curry 310 php plus an extra order of those delicious sausages 130 php.



That moment when you can’t decide which one you like best! The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Enjoying CoCo Ichibanya‘s yummy curry dishes. Kap’s Shrimp Katsu with Squid level 1 spiciness & my Chicken Katsu with Sausage level 5 spicy curry. Noms!



My Pork Cutlet & Vegetable Curry 440 php PLUS extra order of Sausage 130 php. Hey, I was starving, in my defense. :P



Kap’s Shrimp Cutlet Curry 360 php plus extra order of Fried Squid 100 php. And! 400 grams of rice (equivalent to 2 cups, so meron talaga syang extra rice)



I noticed that instead of mashed or grinded shrimp extenders, there are actually baby shrimps in Kap’s Shrimp cutlets. Yay! <3



Kap’s plate, Simot! Who’s the man? ;)



Our meal package had dessert included. Mine is the Coffee Jelly while Kap had Ice Cream. An order of Coffee Jelly costs 120 php.



And like we always do, we share with each other. hating mag-asawa! <3 #SharingIsCaring

All the loving-loving between Kap & Me got these young ladies asking about our secret to a long & lasting love. So what started out as just lunch turned into a Love Advice session from Ms. Piggy haha!

Judy, Janna, & Jessica are in long-term relationships (talagang i-chinisms ko sila diba!). Tinaningan ko sila. I told them up to 8 years lang ang waiting period -like me & Kap. After that, by hook or by crook they have to start putting on the pressure na, LOL. They’re not getting any younger, hello! #EchoserangPig I’d probably get hate mails from their boyfies! :P


Thank you ladies for such a fun afternoon. Ayaw pa naming maghiwa-hiwalay but Kap was already getting bored with our girl talk & was yawning after a very satisfying meal so we unwillingly parted ways. Men!



I did, I super enjoyed! Thank you! :-*

I would definitely be back, now that I’d found my perfect curry place. Good news is, CoCo Ichibanya will be putting up a branch in Rockwell. So it’s closer to me. Wala nang makakapagpigil sa akin! Especially since I have waze to teach me the direction! :P


Waze, I am SO very impressed with you! <3

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