Cocktail Dress by Pluma

Ate’s childhood friend, Isabella, officially turned 18 last saturday, and she asked my Jana to be one of her 18 sparklers. (Yes, times have changed. Iba-iba na ang pakulo sa debut ngayon!)
Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday, dearest Isabella!!! <3
Hoping your party was a really happy one,
The kind that you’ll remember long after it has gone.
Because it’s a special time & it holds such promise for you,
Of a really wonderful day, and a FUN-tastic lifetime too!


The sparklers were asked to come in neon cocktail dresses. Neon is really too much for ate’s dusky complexion haha, baka hindi na sya makita. So we asked Ann Chavez of PLUMA for her opinion & we all agreed on the color bright orange with a dash of fuschia as a pop of color. Kamag-anak na ng neon yun! ;)

Two perfectionists corroborating head on. ;)
What they came up with.
Embroidered wings on mesh cloth at the back.
Materials & color they chose.


I got the wing idea from this photo. Ate has lost a lot of weight & I just know that she’ll pull off this shmexy look..
Ooh-la-la! <3
After a couple of fittings, her tita Ann finally got it to the perfect fit & sent it over the other night. Ate is a perfectionist by nature so “pwede na” is not in her vocabulary. Dapat “it’s perfect” lagi. Which is good. I never want her to settle in life. I strive to give her the best in everything every time so she should maintain her standards. Especially in choosing men. (sana matagal pa!)
Ate’s WINGS! <3
So as to not make it look costume-y, her tita Ann wrapped the wings around her sides para may drama kahit naka-side view! :P
Isabela’s giveaway is sooo cute! She had Made in Candy personalize her name.
They make custom candies for minimum order of 200 small bottles or 100 of the big ones.
And here is ate’s lovely gown (Don’t be intimidated by Pluma’s sosi name. This custom-made dress costs less than 10k).
My gorgeous dalaga in all her splendor & glory! <3
Dress by PLUMA
Ann Chaves 0917-8529614
Happy happy Birthday, dearest Isabella. <3 Thank you for being such a great friend to my Jana all these years. May you have many more happy years of friendships & girly bondings & intense heart-to-hearts to come. We love you!! :-*
Isabella Chung. 07.06.13
Photobooth by Peekabooth. Catchy name! m/
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