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City Garden Grand Hotel Staycation

The GOppets LOVE staycations. Our abode in the suburbs is truly a Home Sweet Home with all the comforts & luxuries one can enjoy, but there’s just something exciting about staying in a hotel, no matter how cramped we’d get since we’re a family of 5 squished into a single room.

Having said that, blessings for us come in many form, and mostly when we least expect it. A new hotel in Makati, the City Garden Grand Hotel, was so generous to invite us for an overnighter & provided us with a Junior Suite, so there was room for us to roll around & veg last weekend.

Best of all, City Garden Grand Hotel is just right beside Century City Mall! An intersection away. So the kids were really stoked with our weekend of fun, shopping, and eating!

City Garden Grand Hotel

8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati (02) 888 8181


At City Garden Grand Hotel, 311 air-conditioned rooms and suites provide the space and luxury that the guests need for a grand stay of business or pleasure. Each rooms has a harmonious interplay of wood, glass, and stone which are put together seamlessly as seen in remarkable Filipino materials like the narra doors and floor, the strength and beauty of the onyx stone on walls and luggage racks, and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.



City Garden Grand Hotel offers a complete package of overnight stay in a deluxe room and more starting at only P6,488 net. Topping it all off are facilities that include 4 event venues, a spa, roof deck with pool, bar, jacuzzi, 5-story parking area, and fast & FREE unlimited Wi-Fi Internet connection. To see other rates, CLICK HERE.



Checking in is easy breezy.



City Garden Grand Hotel is a 4-star hotel decked with the finest things in life: world-class Padua Furniture pieces, a lobby chandelier made with thousands of capiz shells, and hallways encrusted with semi-precious onyx stone.



Our traditional elevator-fie! ;)



Choose from among the 42 Standard Rooms, 15 executive Rooms, 76 Superior Rooms, 135 Deluxe Rooms, 38 Premier Rooms, 4 Junior Suites, and 1 Presidential Suite available.



We were hoping for 2 queen beds -for the girls to occupy one wile Kap & I the other. But the suites only have King-sized beds available..




We’re maabilidad though. We requested for 2 extra cots & they were delivered within 10 minutes. Set up & ready for napping after a hearty lunch! The girls zonked out in no time.



But napping’s not all they did! They also PLAYED! <3 I was wondering where all the noise & giggles were coming from, seated at my blogging table typing away. Not to mention all the chairs & blankets were missing! Turns out my kids made a fort! I love staycations because it really brings the kids even closer together. Emotionally & geographically! Bringing out their inner child, it’s all fun & silliness at the 30th floor.



The bathroom is new & clean, with simple & basic toiletries provided. I barely needed to unpack my own.



All my requirements for a comfy toilet & bath were met. Yay! \m/ Bidet & hairdryers are very important to a gal ya know.



As with every upscale hotel, a safe is available. A place for all my butingtings & borloloys! \m/



Ever the gamer, my babyson quickly set up his PS4 in the living room. Because there are 2 wide screen televisions, there was no conflict between my boys. Kap hogged the other one in the bedroom, naturally.



I was happy to have my mom with us during the day. Like I mentioned, Century City Mall was right beside the hotel so she was able to walk at a leisurely pace & window shop the afternoon away. Wagi, naaliw ko sya!



She texted me this message that very morning so I got a bit senti & asked her to join us. I really need to make a conscious effort to see more of my mom. :'(



The junior suite, starting at P10,000/night depending on the day, package, and season, has a kitchenette with a mini ref, microwave oven, and coffee maker. Truly your home away from home. <3



The mag-balae. I’m so thankful for the Junior Suite because they got to chika in the comfort of our living room while we napped in the bedroom haha. Ayaw nilang matulog!



There’s also a separate toilet by the entrance for guests. Or a member of the family in a dire situation -if you happen to be part of a big one. Like ours!

A bottomless pit with a voracious appetite? Worry not. City Garden Grand Hotel has a 24-hour room service! My babyson got hungry middle of the night & had a pizza delivered to our room.


My not so little gamer suddenly got the attack of the munchies while playing GTA online with his buds -btw, the internet connection here is speedy & FUN-tastic! No problem. City Garden Grand Hotel has a 24-hour room service. Voila, pizza margherita at our doorstep in a jiffy. Have a slice!



From my table where I blogged, I see my bayson multi-tasking. Playing while making telebabad to his girlfriend!

Because my kids are active, they truly appreciated & took advantage of the outdoor swimming pool on the 32nd floor. Ate also didn’t have to worry about missing a day at the gym at the Fitness Center located on the 9th floor.




Ooooh boy I love that smile! We had the pool all to ourselves! \m/ My babyson is just so GOwapo, don’t you agree? I love him so!



and also the gym. I guess the hotel guests take staycationing in their rooms seriously haha!



They work hard for their bodeh. Kap works hard for his moneh. So you better treat them right. Alright. Meanwhile.. I just concentrate on stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive! Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive. #TheGoodLife

Up next.. Our rooftop BBQ experience at Firefly Roof Deck Bar, and Breakfast Buffet at Spice Cafe!



Thank you so much City Garden Grand Hotel for a wonderful staycation. <3


Thank you so much to our dear friend MITCH GARCIA & City Garden Grand Hotel for such an enjoyable staycation. We loved every minute spent! <3

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