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Chubby’s Rib Shack (Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things)

After my pampering sesh at FRINGE SALON where my Lovey met up with her Ate & I after school, we headed over to CHUBBY’s RIB SHACK -an American fastfood joint, for a quick supper before Ate headed to AntiGravity for Yoga. My kids keep me busy busy busy with activity after activity!

Chubby’s is in the same building as Fringe Salon at the new Commerce Center..




It looks like an american diner, and I love how it’s bright & spacious.


The price is pretty okay. And fast service too. Great for harried, unfancy, unpretentious meals on the go.




We had some Nachos & Salsa 100 php, and A Basket of Fries 100 php to munch on as we waited for our wings.


I heard good raves about their buffalo wings, not so the ribs. So we got 3 kinds of Buffalo Wings to try with Dirty Rice (40 php/cup) ..



We got a 1 pounder split into FIREHOUSE (spicy)..


and HONEY BBQ (sweet & tangy). 280 php.


We also got a pounder of fingers which we spilt into K-POP (salty)..


and again, FIREHOUSE. 270 php.



Beef Burrito 180 php. Not a big fan of their version.


New York Cheesecake Ice Cream 90 php. Cheesecake flavored ice cream coated with graham crust, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with blueberry sauce. Not bad. But not that great either.


I love how they’d fight over who gets to sit beside me. In this case, my Lovey said Ate has been with me the whole day so she gets to sit beside me. It’s a mother’s simplest pleasure.. being so loved & made to feel like I’m the most important person in their world. <3


The Commerce Center is filling up, a bit slower than I had hoped, but filling up nevertheless. I wish they’d hurry up with the cinema construction so we have another place to patronize aside from the ATC cinema which is always so full.

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