Christmas Party @ The Carvery

The AATC (ayala alabang tennis club) board members decided to hold it’s christmas party at The Carvery in west gate, with spouses in kids in tow. About time the kids met up & made friends with one another! :)

The whole top floor was filled with rambunctious guffaws & laughter as the kids warmed up to each other & joined in the fun games their tita Tasha prepared for them.

But not after we had a delightful dinner with a choice of either prime rib of steak, baby back ribs/rack of ribs or salmon as main course. And churros or fondue for dessert..

Those with bigger appetites had an extra order of salad on top if their main course, haha.
Rack of ribs..
Baby back ribs..
Prime rib of Steak (best value at 980 php for a 12 oz.), which majority ordered.
Grilled Salmon
and Single Serve Fondue

I suggested the PICTURE PERFECT game (which I learned from Malu at Sheila’s party) for the kids. This served as the ice breaker, since the kids had to give their ideas & act out a scene as a group. Here are some of their funny photos! ;))

Concept is: They are bullying poor rudolph, haha!
I must say, the kids have great imagination! ;) 
I must say, I find Team B more creative & imaginative in their ideas hahaha! <3
Ate is really an artist. She directed all 5 scenes in her team.
Here, they are layers of snow, with carrots for a nose.

It really is the season to be merry! :)

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