Christmas Party at the Ambrays

Even before our badminton court was built, we have been playing with this group in San Juanico. They truly are like our 2nd family already, more than the gluggers (where the “common denomination” lies only in drinking haha!). We’ve really gone a long way, you could say. These are the sosi group (alabangers) in our home court, mga hard-core ingliseras! ;))

Every christmas, we hold a separate, more exclusive party at Sheila’s in her lovely home. This group is called The RED team, because for the past years, our badminton court held competing dance teams during our christmas parties (4 teams -red, blue, green & yellow) & this sosi group always wins because they can afford to hire D.I.’s & have “secret” practices haha)

Half of the RED team. The other half is still on their way.
Cheese assortment
Salad with raspberry dressing
Over-done roasted beef… I don’t think our cook was happy yesterday! ;P
Baby potatoes
Fried chicken
Beef Salpicao
Sun-dried tomato angel-hair Pasta
2 kinds of Dessert from Palms Country Club.

The men..
In case you’re wondering why my honey has a zebra-inspired scarf,
our motif/theme was supposed to be animal-print haha! ;P
and the ladies.
The RED team..
Of course, Pinoy Henyo is a staple in every christmas party! ;P
Toby & Monsy
Bani & Dolly
Emie & Beng, who came sans spouses..
Our very gracious hosts, Noy & Sheila
and guess who won???
Us, of course! ;)) We are such experts at this game already, hahaha!
I guessed the word (SIMBANG GABI) in under 30 seconds! *bragging* ;))
Our prize! <3
We also won the “picture perfect” game.
Where we acted out “The Nativity”.
We were the perfect Joseph & Mary, hahaha! ;P
Capping off the night was the exchange gift, The White Elephant,
where we got to “steal” each others gifts! m/
This is a nice twist to the boring usual exchange of gifts. Try it!!! ;)

1.) Lay out all the exchange gifts. Do not number them.
2.) Prepare numbered paper to be hand-picked by the participants. I got #7. The last number is usually the best because you have more choices of gifts to steal, having seen all the gifts already! ;)
3.) The person who gets #1 chooses the 1st gift. He/She has the option to either keep it, or choose another gift from the pile.
4.) Malu likes my gift (american heritage coffee maker) & decides to keep it. She no longer has the option to steal from the others. Unless another person steals the gift from her, then she gets to choose another gift from the pile (which can still be stolen until the 3rd time).
5,6,7) The person who gets #2 can either steal #1’s gift, or get another from the pile. Beng already has a coffee maker & decides to keep her gift, which is a portable fan with emergency light.
8.) Unfortunately for Beng, the portable fan is a popular gift, so the person who got #3 (Monsy) stole the gift from her. Beng has to choose another gift from the pile.
9.) Beng gets a body wash from the pile & decides to keep it. Fortunately for her, nobody stole it anymore, hahaha!
10.) Sheila (#4) however, likes the portable fan too! ;) So she steals it from Monsy (#3). Monsy has to pick another gift from the pile.
11.) Monsy picks another gift from the pile & decides to keep it for her self.
12.) It’s Emie’s turn (#5) & decides to steal the portable fan from Sheila. This is the 3rd steal for the fan, so Emie gets to keep it na for good, haha! ;P
13.) Sheila then has to choose another gift from the pile. She unwraps the bag organizer & decides to keep it.
14,15) Dolly got (#6), unwraps the BEATS earphone & decides to keep it as well.
16.) My turn! m/  I play nice & also decide to keep my unopened gift (coz I didn’t want to offend anyone by stealing/exchanging haha!), which turned out to be a nice decision since I got an ONEIDA wine stopper & drink muddler.
Happy with the gifts we “stole”! ;))

Another christmas party tonight. How fun!!!! Another post for another day. ‘Til tomorrow, guys! :-*

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