Christmas Party at Jackie’s

From St. Lukes, we rushed home to attend my Hunny’s wednesday TENNIS group’s CHRISTmas party at Jackie’s. They have such a warm & lovely home. Of course I got lost going there on my own (since they had a game or 2 before the party, so my hunny went ahead), but lovely home nonetheless! <3

Actually, he was invited to 2 parties that night. One was with his basketball buddies. But since wives were not invited to the drinking/pulutan spree, my Hunny opted to go to the tennis party instead so he could take me.. awww how sweet!!! <3

And he wasn’t disappointed, because we certainly had A FEAST!!!

The boys & some wives whom they didn’t mind tagging along -just this once haha! ;)
The FEAST!!! m/
Seafood Paella from Jun & Maricar Frias
Lechon from Gerard & Maning

Chicken from Dustin
Best-seller of the night.. the Kare-Kare!!! <3 Simot! ;))
Our pesto with shrimp pasta
Fried lumpia
The wednesday group!
The wives worthy to be brought to the all-guys party hahaha!
(by the loving husbands a.k.a. mga andres-de-saya, LOL-jk!)
Leah, Maricar, Me, and the hostess Aileen <3

The happy couple also prepared games to make the party even more festive, which got a loud hoot from the boisterous boys! ;))

yup, you guessed it! PINOY HENYO! ;)
With their prizes.
The teams were aptly named CHIC & BABOY (chicboy),
in honor of their fave wednesday night after-game hang-out! ;P

The dinner party was fantabulous, but my most favorite part of all was dessert! <3 Gerard bought it from PURPLE OVEN, concessionaire of starbucks (yes, even the chocolate dome cake is from purple oven, and at HALF the price!!!)

Sigh.. I ate TWICE last night, first was the sushi fest with my kids, then the 2nd time at the party. No wonder I couldn’t breathe after the last one, hahaha! Thank goodness for Kremil-S!!! :P Dinner parties.. what are you doing to me??? ;P

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