Christmas Party at Jackie’s

From St. Lukes, we rushed home to attend my Hunny’s wednesday TENNIS group’s CHRISTmas party at Jackie’s. They have such a warm & lovely home. Of course I got lost going there on my own (since they had a game or 2 before the party, so my hunny went ahead), but lovely home nonetheless! <3

Actually, he was invited to 2 parties that night. One was with his basketball buddies. But since wives were not invited to the drinking/pulutan spree, my Hunny opted to go to the tennis party instead so he could take me.. awww how sweet!!! <3

And he wasn’t disappointed, because we certainly had A FEAST!!!

The boys & some wives whom they didn’t mind tagging along -just this once haha! ;)
The FEAST!!! m/
Seafood Paella from Jun & Maricar Frias
Lechon from Gerard & Maning

Chicken from Dustin
Best-seller of the night.. the Kare-Kare!!! <3 Simot! ;))
Our pesto with shrimp pasta
Fried lumpia
The wednesday group!
The wives worthy to be brought to the all-guys party hahaha!
(by the loving husbands a.k.a. mga andres-de-saya, LOL-jk!)
Leah, Maricar, Me, and the hostess Aileen <3

The happy couple also prepared games to make the party even more festive, which got a loud hoot from the boisterous boys! ;))

yup, you guessed it! PINOY HENYO! ;)
With their prizes.
The teams were aptly named CHIC & BABOY (chicboy),
in honor of their fave wednesday night after-game hang-out! ;P

The dinner party was fantabulous, but my most favorite part of all was dessert! <3 Gerard bought it from PURPLE OVEN, concessionaire of starbucks (yes, even the chocolate dome cake is from purple oven, and at HALF the price!!!)

Sigh.. I ate TWICE last night, first was the sushi fest with my kids, then the 2nd time at the party. No wonder I couldn’t breathe after the last one, hahaha! Thank goodness for Kremil-S!!! :P Dinner parties.. what are you doing to me??? ;P

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  • Reply trisha_cm

    Buti na lang malayo and Purple Oven. Lol! Don't you have a love/hate relationship with parties? Ive no self control when it comes to food! So many cakes and other sweets here at home, slowly inching their way into my tummy!Kainis the girl who made comments on your hair ha! I hope she apologized after.

    December 15, 2011 at 2:43 pm
  • Reply Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

    Hahaha I simply cannot keep my mouth shut when it comes to food, Trisha!!! ;P thank you for always making me feel better, you're really so so sweet! <3 No, she didn't apologize. I don't even think she knows she made a faux pax hahaha. there really are people with no manners whatsoever! ;)) I just have to learn to adjust. You made me smile, thank you! :-*

    December 15, 2011 at 3:05 pm
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