Christmas Countdown!

OMG it’s septemBER already!!! Where did all those months go??? @_@ Pretty soon, Christmas will be here! And you know what that means, right??? PRESENTS, of course!!! ;)) boxes and boxes of presents under the tree!!! <3

This is our fiber-optic tree.. been with us for almost 8 years???
I’m afraid of SUNOG, so I’m glad I found one that uses fiber-optic lights.
Also, I’m super tamad. So I don’t have to put miles & miles of string lights anymore! ;)
Bought everything from FLORASILK
Florasilk Address: 2nd floor AP Warehouse, Manila Doctors Village, Almanza I, LAS PINAS 1705 Tel: 5145132/9640224
I just add new trimmings now & then when I get bored with my tree.
I love it though, I think it’s just the perfect size for our home & my small family <3

I want to make a Christmas fantasy wish list. I think it would be extremely fun to not have a budget for gifts…

Top on my wish list is an Hermes bag!!! For myself of course :P In “real-life” I can never afford this. Plus, it’s too extravagant, I think. I’d be sooooo guilty to have this when there are so many people who can’t even afford food… But if santa gives it to me, who am I to disagree haha! ;)

Isn’t she sooooo pretty??? <3
I will be perfectly happy with just one.
So naturally it has to be the best.
I want an orange crocodile birkin! <3 <3 <3
If my prayer request pushes through,
I’m gonna have serious 2nd thoughts about not buying this for myself hehe!
I’ll just feed the poor at jollibee after! ;))

For my hunny, I want to give him…

A 2012 Toyota Camry!
I wonder how much this baby retails for???
Probably still less than my hermes bag, hahaha! ;))
My hunny has always wanted a camry. Frankly I don’t know anything about cars…
But he is so not the flashy type. He doesn’t like cars that call attention.
I’d get a jag. If it was up to me! :P

For my ate

A gray classic Balenciaga motorcycle bag.
I don’t know why she wants gray though.. is it even a color? teehee! :P
and this matching Balenciaga gray wedge boat shoe.
Although I’m not exactly sure if she will like this! (???)
OR A..
Fujifilm X100
She has a Canon dslr now but it’s sooooo bulky & heavy. She doesn’t even use it anymore!
I’m not sure though if this is the fujifilm camera she’s been hinting at.
I hope not!! This is SOOOOO expensive, ATE!!! @_@
Oh wait, I’m forgetting.. this is a fantasy wishlist hehe!
Ok fine I’ll give you all 3 of the above then! ;))
For my babyson..

A 2012 Mustang GT red!!! <3
I just know he will LOVE this!!!
I’ll just have the engine calibrated so he doesn’t go beyond 40/kph hahaha!!! :P

For my baby love..

A cutie pie female English Bulldog puppy!!! <3 <3 <3
This is actually attainable.. but I don’t feel I’m ready for a commitment yet! :'((
Let’s see by Christmas time.. But don’t get your hopes up, baby!!! @_@

For my Mom…

A trip around the world!!! :)
All her life, she has been working & working.
She never has any fun.
So I know this would be PERFECT for her.
Of course, we will ALL have to go with her too, hahaha! ;P

Sigh… if only! But one can dream, right? Who knows, one of these days, I might just surprise you! ;) But for now, I need to concentrate on my Mom’s 80th birthday party first!!! See you Sunday! <3

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