Christmas Break 2012

As I’ve said in my previous post, we had a VERY hectic 4-day christmas break. What we did during those 4 days are not, in my book, considered relaxing & vacation-y! STRESS sya hehe! ;P
To say that my hunny pie LOVES roadtrips is an UNDERSTATEMENT! @_@
Can you see his million-watt smile here???

Since Jojo has a very spacious house in Baguio, he very generously invited all of us to stay with them again this year.  The kids of course had a grand time spending every waking moment with each other. They truly love one another so much! <3

Jojo & Mamita.
Thank you so much for always opening your doors to us & welcoming us into your homes! <3

What I thought would take at the very least under 6 hours travel time since we weren’t going up on  a holiday, took 10 hours. Yes. TEN LONG HOURS. Just like the last time (trauma!) I think every person in the greater Manila also decided to go up to Baguio for the cool christmasy weather huhu.

We stopped at Matutina’s in Urdaneta, Pangasinan for what we hoped would be a brief lunch but turned out to be 2 hours because I think everyone going up to Baguio also thought of having lunch the exact same time we did in the exact same area, hehe! :P Kill me now!

Matutina’s Seafood
Nancayasan Highway, Brgy. Tulong 
    Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 
    Telephone: (075) 531-1814 

They love stopping at Matutina’s for the supposed BEST SISIG in the country.
What do YOU think? ;)
Maybe in Pangasinan..
The entourage.. four hungry families. ;)
It’s not easy getting a table for 24 peeps.
Super saya though.

To seat us, get our orders, feed us, and bill us takes at least 1.5 hours TOPS.
With their tita Judith, the ever gracious hostess! <3
The best thing really, for our BIG group, is to eat at home.
Believe me, this snack spread is gone is 60 seconds hehe.
What we do is we bring de latas, snacks, we go to the market for meat & produce to feed our ever hungry army.
We still eat out, but we have staples for emergency cases that restaurants can’t seat us.
The kids LOVE being together. They all SLEEP together, even.

We eat in batches hehe.
We may just need to invest in a longer table next time to accommodate us all! ;))
This is the “seniors” group comprised of the teens.
This is the “juniors” group composed of the tweens.
Then there’s the..
“Oldies”. Where I belong harhar! :P
But even with real sisters. There is always one whom you are closest to.
I have the closest affinity with my ate Marita. <3
13 of the 15 SF kids. <3
They are TIRELESS! @_@
Even with the 10 hour trip, after dinner, they were roaring to go about town.
Good thing Filling Station was still open for some ice cream.

They are standing in front of the new LE MONET HOTEL.

We bumped into ate’s BFF Quinnah & his family as the kids lined up for ice cream on a cold wintery night..

With BFF Quinnah & his new do! ;)
Ate just loves her very fashionable, very young & hip tita Kara! <3
Then maybe the cold finally got to them coz they requested for hot chocolate after.
Para kayong si Katy Perry ha! You’re HOT & you’re COLD. Make up your minds, ano ba! :P

Happy together. Always. <3
Thank you God for the gift of friendship.
Our frequent ka-double date. My ate & kuya. <3
yummy bibingka..
and suman.
With a cup of black coffee. Perfect night ender!
And what is road trip without a group picture? :P From our family to yours, a happy, blessed & prosperous new year! :-*

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