Chinatown’s Best Food

Back in the day when Kap & I were just going “steady” (yes kids there is such a word as. Look it up! ;P I believe it’s what you guys call “in a relationship” now, lels!), and we were hungry but on a budget, we would often haunt Chinatown’s Best Food in Banaue street, Quezon City for its all-day eat all you can CHINESE FOOD buffet. It was Kap’s special heaven! It was kinda mine too. ;)

On the ground floor is the ala-carte section. The buffet area is on the 2nd floor. 
Upon exiting the elevator, the servers waiting right outside shock you by flocking right to your face while your body is barely out of the elevator and asking: “Ma’am ser bufey po ba?”
After which they stamp this on your wrist whether you like it or not. ;)
The price hasn’t increased much. It was around 400 php then if I remember correctly. Fast forward to now after 2 decades.. and I can’t believe we’re still on THAT budget. Nadagagan lang ng 150 pesos. Hay, Ito talagang asawa kong mashunat! @_@
My Kap took us here for dinner last night in remembrance of the 4th death anniversary of my FIL.
The outer potion was already filled up.
Memories of yesteryears crept up.
Nag-iba lang ang tables & chairs. Whereas before we sat around a round table. Square na ngayon.
Everything else looked the same.
Blast form the past ang peg.
So we were seated inside, away from the buffet stations.
Have you tried balancing plates while maneuvering a busy zigzag aisle where chairs rested almost back-to-back?
It wasn’t easy my friend. :P
Hot dishes station
BBQ station
Dimsum station.
Another hot dish station.

Their best sellers are: steamed lapu lapu (laging ubos), salt & pepper crabs (laging ubos), steamed suwahe (laging ubos), and peking duck.. (you guessed it – laging ubos)! Every time I think I’m finally getting something worthy, somebody else beats me to it -as in to the last morsel kahit na alam nilang naka-abang ka. Uubusin talaga nila! I have accepted my fate, manners are not a top priority in buffets. It’s every man for himself. Kulang na lang tumayo ako at hintayin si KOYA na mag-refill, hawak ang serving spoon & fork para lang makakuha! :P

Bubble thought of fish: Hhhheeeeelpppp meeeeee!!! I am being attacked by crazed, hungry  zombiiieeeessss!!!
See what I mean? :P
They attempted serving several japanese dishes (tempura assortment & puny sushi), it is NOT their strongest suit. They should just stick to all-chinese. And yes, please do take out that spaghetti platter. Hindi po bagay. :)
The breading is not fluffy & the shrimp is almost non-existent.
Mas mukhang camaron rebusado. 
Chinese dishes biglang may pasta station nyehehe. Puh-lease.

We were all ravenous by the time we got there. So we ate like there was no tomorrow. (What else is new, eh?)

We were lucky to get some left-over suwahe.
But that was the extent of our suwahe bingeing. 5 measly pieces. :((
Ganyan pala ang sikreto to make ate eat.
I have to starve her first to the point of seeing stars & doubles! ;))
Oo na. Akin yang platong yan. Don’t judge me!!! :P
They forbade me from taking any more pictures from the buffet. So I wasn’t able to take a picture of the dessert station. Boo!
Halo-halo my Lovey made for me. Talagang nauna pa ang ice hahaha!
Thank you bebe gurl!!! <3 <3 <3
It made sense, actually! ;)

And do you know why we were all so ravenous??? Well, it’s because my Kap decided to make a side trip (yes, the infamous side trips of my hunnybun!) to SOLER (not solaire k? Just to make that clear.) Why? Because of these! @_@ He LURVES chinatown! So we sat in stony silence in the car while he illegally parked & went down to buy his necessities! Almost got caught by the police, good thing all the cars behind us were honking maniacally so he had no choice but to let us go with his dinner money! :P

Kung ano-anong ka-ek-ekan!!! @_@ tools, pang-patay ng lamok, etc. etc. etc.
5 minutes lang daw! Yeah right!!! Nangalumata kaming lahat kahihintay sayo ha!!!

Going back to the restaurant. All I can say is.. my standard was WAY lower back then. I think I could have done a lot better with my (Kap’s) 550 php tonight. Enter at your own risk. ;)

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