My hunny has been very lazy since he AGED! :( before, he would drag us just about everywhere whenever he had the chance. Now, I have noticed as HE is getting older (haha!) he is becoming lazy with our usual out of town trips. Hmp!

Last lenten season, we went to Pampanga to witness the nailing of the cross. Admittedly, it was somewhat yucky (& smelly!), but at least we went somewhere!

This year, he was content to just laze around the house & watch dvds!!! @_@ I wanted to go to antipolo or somewhere far for an exciting roadtrip but he just didn’t feel like it.

Finally, saturday, he got perky enough to haul us all to binondo for some shopping nonsense & chinese chow! :))

Storing our nonsense goods from 168 in our “pimp-my-car ride”: mosquito spray from china.. (I hope we don’t get killed as well in the process!! @_@)
Various tools for his car shop. Nail polish & nail art. And other walang-kwenta stuff! ;P
We had dinner at his favorite hole in the wall fastfood.. WAI YING!
Upside is: It’s really cheap! 140php for a peking duck rice topping.
Downside is: People who eat there are also “cheap” haha!! :P
The customers beside us kept either looking at our food, or POINTING to our food!
For short: Don’t expect manners! @_@

We each had a rice topping & a noodle topping. That’s how hungry we got from all that walking in 168!!! :))

Our bill was just 1,2k! Unbelievable!!! :) My hunny was VERY happy! ;P
One thing nice about our kids is we can take them anywhere, feed them anything, & they are still  happy! :)
Of course, whenever we go to chinatown, we HAVE TO buy Country’s chicken.
We Loooooovvvvvveeeee their chicken sauce!!! It’s THE BEST!!!

After dinner, I thought my Hunny would want to go back home & sleep. He is, after all, OLD! ;P
SO it was a pleasant surprise when he took us to Mall of Asia for a little stroll.
Here we are, “Holding Hands While Walking” along the seaside hahaha!! j3j3j3!!!
Wanted to listen to the band playing at the sidewalk sana. Left after less than 2 minutes. They sucked. Really!!! :)))
Passed Hooters along the way. NATURALLY the boys had to have their picture taken there! @_@
We wanted to get dessert there but they only had 2 kinds. So we just got my babyson a souvenir shirt.
And a pic with the hooter girls of course! @_@
Spotted Eskimo Bob. Decided to have ice cream overload instead! <3
3 scoops of ice cream can really put a smile on anyone’s face! :)

My hunny & I had crepes ala mode. Yum!

What a perfectly sweet ending to a not-so-lazy day! ;)
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