China Palace

Once again, I found myself being an OFW mom today. My hunny had a tennis tournament. On the bright side, my babyson skipped basketball practice today, so I planned a fun fun fun day for the 4 of us! ;)

It’s been a while since we ate in China Palace, so off we went with my wingman leading the way. Boy, I’m getting to be a pro at this long-distance driving hahaha! :P

My wingman is soooo gwapo with his new haircut! <3

Had to renew our highlands membership cards first..

New pictures finally!! :) The ones in their current cards are baby pictures still.

It was almost 1:30 when we finished, so hungry were we that we ordered all these… @_@

Sayang it was raining, nasira ang beauty ng China Palace! :P
Peking duck wrap
Fried pigeon
Beef tenderloin
Taro duck
Yang chow
Birthday noodles
Broccoli in garlic sauce
Crystal prawns with bagoong <3
Minced duck in lettuce wrap
Fresh fruit platter, Lo mai chi & Masachi! ;P
Just 4 of us consumed all those yummy food! (but we saved some for daddy, of course)
Look at our happy faces! Nomnomnom!!! :))

On our way home, saw the sign “GOOD SHEPHERD”. I love their ube jam, so we went on a sidetrip! ;)

Bought yummy goodies! <3
crunchy polvoron, ube jam, choco crinkles & lengua de gato

The kids wanted to check out the bazaar in nuvali, and have a non-chinese dessert hehe, so we made yet another side trip..

Couldn’t get more non-chinese than Crisostomo! :P
Crisostomo is owned & operated by Florabel Co (chef to the stars)
Look at the fantastic dessert.. and oh-so-cute names!!! <3

Kapitana Maria (frozen brazo de mercedes), Kapitan Tika (mais con hielo),
Olimpia (mangoes & cream pie) & Narcissa (quezo de bola cheesecake) 
I was really so full but couldn’t resist the Tinapa ni Tiburcio (haha funny name!)
It’s tinapa with salted egg in crunchy lumpia wrapper. Really yummy!!! <3
We loved the dessert! <3 Will definitely go back to try the main courses.

Saw this in the bazaar. Got uber excited coz I’ve been coveting the Mac wonder woman make-up series. But found these to be merely imitations.. (price ranged from 300-500, duh!) Huhuhu!!! :'((

Sayannnggggg!!! Would have loved to own these!!! :((

Of course we couldn’t leave without feeding the fishies..

Oh! And guess what we did (inside &) outside China Palace in front of all the guests waiting for their cars!!! ;))) We really are a crazy family, hahaha!!! :P

We “owled”, although this looked more like “frogged” !! @_@
We planked!!! ;))
And.. we “Tea-potted” !!! :P

Another day in the life of! Happy Sunday tomorrow, everyone! <3

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