Chill Night

I love chill nights at the Buensalidas. They are just so welcoming & nurturing, and so generous with their love, time, AND FOOD! <3 And their house is the only one big enough to accommodate all 4 families. And we are 22! ;))

So we just bring food or whatever we can contribute to a night of fun & eating!! I swear, every time I leave their company, I have trouble breathing with all the food & drinks we consume!

Hungry gators!
I love how the kids are becoming like siblings to one another already in such a short span.
They truly love one another & are just so comfortable with each other,
no matter the different age brackets! <3
2 boxes are NEVER enough for the kids! ;))
Ate Marita’s yummy oatmeal-walnut-raisin cookies.
Love-Love-Love!!! <3

Ate Marita’s famous nachos.
They are really FANTABULOUS!!!
Just look at all the toppings!!!
Too bad my camera didn’t want to cooperate last night! :(
2 more orders of pizza to feed ALL hungry gators!!! ;P
and pasta for the oldies! ;)
Korean chicken, also from ate Marita’s recipe! <3
Even the oldies have fun! ;)
With or without alcoholic beverages!
Because there’s just so many things to do at the Buensalidas! m/

And have I mentioned ate Marita’s halo-halo special??
OMG!!! Just looking at her wondrous concoction makes me 10 lbs. heavier, I swear!

This is why all the kids love her so much!
Her & kuya Rolly! ;))
My very special halo-halo!!! <3

I’m so happy my kids finally found people they love & people who love them in return! <3

I hope we have many more fun nights at the Buensalidas!! In fact, we’re on our way there now -it’s WENG-WENG night! GTG! ;))

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