Since Monday night was their last night as “free men”, I took the kids out for a special dinner at Chili’s. As expected of every new restaurant that has been opening in our area lately, it was full to the capacity. Luckily, we went early so we were seated after just a little waiting time.

My loves! <3 <3 <3

Complementary chips..
which we used for this chili dip. 
My babyson’s VERY EXPENSIVE Ribeye & Shrimp 1,550 php
“Inhaled” in under 5 minutes haha! ;P 
Lavinia’s Grilled Chicken Platter 285 php
Ate’s Grilled Shrimps 225 php, Pueblo Rice 80 php, & Black Beans 55 php.
My Fajita Trio 660 php
(Beef, Chicken, Shrimp)  

My Fajita Trio deserves special mention..

1st version: Beef Fajita 
2nd version: Chicken Fajita
3rd version: Shrimp Fajita

I’m in LOVE!! Chocolate Molten Lava 390 php

Once school starts, I have to seriously go back to walking so I can even attempt to burn off all those calories I consumed during the summer with the kids! @_@

And where’s the dad, you ask?

Couldn’t be bothered.
On his way to tennis, where else! @_@

One day, I’m going to hide (or better yet, DONATE) all, yes ALL, your tennis rackets & shoes! :P Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

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