Chicken and Beer

I’ve been meaning to bring the kids here for quite some time now but there are just so many new restaurants opening at the same time that they all vie for our undivided attention! ;P This is definitely something NEW, I haven’t seen this in any of the metro malls yet.

Last night, the SUPERFRIENDS decided to leave all the kids at Tasha’s new spacious digs to have an “adults only” dinner at Chicken & Beer.. good thing too coz their chicken is definitely pricey! @_@

Cute, kitchy, cozy ambience.
Their appetizer.. fried pasta stick.
Tasted like pretzels. Loved em! <3
Rice pasta.. I think?
Didn’t get to catch the name & price of this one.
Smoked chicken. I found this pricey at 350 php.
Original chicken 235 php 

Can’t wait for our Halloween party at the Buensalidas this coming wednesday. Do watch out for me.. I mean IT! ;P

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