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I love being Mom to my 3 kids, especially my 2 sweet & thoughtful girls <3 I do. They are sugar, spice & everything nice and I’m just so wonderfully blessed to have all 3 of them in my life!

I know it’s impossible for you to believe because they look so spoiled & entitled, but really, they don’t ask for anything. They may hint, and linger to look & touch, but they never pursue especially when they know that money is tight, and with so many bills to pay.

I actually owe Ate a gift for getting a high NMAT score & being a Dean’s Lister too. It’s been months & yet I hadn’t delivered that she probably thought I had forgotten. It’s because I’ve been waiting & wishing that I can give her something big & grand. But you know, my plans aren’t God’s plans. So her grand gift will have to wait. It will come, it’s just on hold. :)

Instead, I got her a smaller gift. What I got her is simple, but it’s well thought of, and something I hoped she would like. I never know what their fashion sense is like anymore, masyadong seasonal! :P


You can order original Chiara Ferragni espadrilles at & have it shipped right to your doorstep through

How I wish I can give my kids everything their heart secretly desires, but again, what I want, and what I’m able to are two different things. I am one lucky mommah though, that my kids aren’t materialistic & are happy with whatever mommy can afford to give from the heart.


Found out too late from Nena that this is what Ate has her heart set on pala. Sorry Ate I will really save up for this & surprise you one of these days I promise! <3



Which color do you prefer Ate? <3 What about you guys, which between the 2 do you think is nicer? :)

As for my dear Lovey, she has been such a good girl all summer long. Coming with me to the office & making my day brighter just by being there, sitting quietly & offering me her strength. I feel so bad that summer has come & gone and I didn’t even get to give her a fun one. Nasa office din lang sya keeping me company & assisting me on so many things I had to do while I got reacquainted with the family business! :'(

I also owe her a huge I-O-U. It will come baby girl, but we have to wait a bit longer. Thank you for never complaining, for never asking, for never expecting. I wasn’t blessed once, but twice, when God gave me 2 girls who are so loving & giving. Together with Dad & kuya, you are my treasures. <3



Browse through Chiara Ferragni fashionable shoes by clicking HERE!


Chiara Ferragni is a young fashion brand born in 2010 with Chiara Ferragni herself as Creative Director. Chiara Ferragni takes inspiration from travels, music, pop culture and contemporary art for a collection that combines feminine elements with modern silhouettes. The brand is a successfull mix of iconic elements and contemporary trends. The collection got a warm welcoming from the market and press, making Chiara Ferragni a global success in 2014, making iconic the “Flirting” glitter slippers and distributed in more than 200 of the most important boutiques all over the world and through the most famous online shops. Chiara Ferragni shoes, with the genuine leathers and handmade sewings, is a 100% Made in Italy shoe brand, that can count on the expertise of one of the biggest factory located in the south of Italy, which is well known to be one of the most important district for high craftsmanship. Not any pieces is outsorced of production outside Italy.


So yesterday, after 2 long months of waiting because the shipping got a roundabout (I indicated a US address for shipping but because I logged on with a Philippine address they shipped it to the US address in the PHILIPPINES!) @_@ Hay! Anyway, the 2 packages finally arrived. And I was really excited to surprise my girls. I made them go on a wild goose chase haha.


PicMonkey Collage



They looked in, out, up, down & around for just under 10 minutes and found my surprise! I gotta up my game next time. Masyadong magaling itong mga dalaga ko! :P





They likey. Success! <3

I hope you like your gifts. Ate, share yours with Lovey please (and share hers as well). I’m afraid I always see her as a little girl & not the young lady that she is. So the one I got for you might be more her style than what I intended for her. :'( Sharing is caring & I know you girls always share your things so I’m not very worried. Borrow nalang from each other okay.

As for you Babyson, ang hirap kang bilhan ng gamit ha. Lahat nalang reject. Mag-bilmoko-nyun-bilmoko-niyan ka nalang when we go out okay??? I-O-U na rin! :-*

PS: Thank you so much MARYELA MARTINEZ for this yummy caramel cake! What a beautiful gift to wake up to! <3 Maryela is a home baker. A 9″ whole round caramel cake costs 600 php. A mini cake costs 150 php. For orders (at least 2 days lead time) you may contact her at 0915-1274806 / (02) 2453281 or email at




I love surprises. Giving & Receiving. Don’t you? <3

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