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Chee Cha Food Garden

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Truly, I am amazed by God’s grace. <3

Since we got married 24 years ago, Kap has always strived to be a good provider to our family. He went into so many small businesses for years, trying to find a way to give us a good future. Alas, one can’t be lucky in both love & money at the same time. Although, I am grateful for the love, and will take it over financial success any time –yan ang totoo. :)

Thanks in part to his inheritance & mine, we have always lived comfortably with enough for needs & some wants. But it was only lately that Kap struck copper, so to speak, with a business endeavor. He really got lucky with his latest venture, the Bulilit Petron. Not that it made us millionaires, no. But it did get us things in life which we consider as “extras”.

Having said that, let me just mention that Kap is very diligent with his tithes. Every Sunday, he’d have in his hands an envelope containing 10% (sometimes even more) of his earnings, no matter how big or small his weekly income may be. Walang paltos yan. And God has seen his heart & blessed I’m mightily.

Time & again, just when we thought we have reached the end of our rope, Jesus swoops in & rescues us. Always. #BeyondGrateful #HaveFaith

Mid of this year, God opened another door for the hard-working head of our family. He has rewarded Kap’s obedience & dedication with another Bulilit Petron, praise be to God almighty! \m/

Busy with the construction of another Bulilit Petron in Laguna. God is good, all the time. Target of opening is late December to early January, so hubby was working hard even on a Sunday, and on our anniv to boot! So I went with him at his site inspection for a quickie meryenda date after. Never let it be said na may hadlang sa aming matamis na pag-iibigan. ;P

In one of our construction visits, Kap & I discovered Chee Cha Food Garden (apart from our regular search for the best Biñan puto, lol). It’s a little nondescript hole in the wall backyard eatery along San Antoño in Biñan, Laguna with many small & independent food vendors. We really like to support them as we also started like they did -small capital but with big dreams & sky-high ambitions.

Chee Cha Food Garden is located in Biñan Laguna. It is, at the moment, open only during the weekends, but plans may change this holiday season when people start coming in for food & drinks (music too!).

Chanced upon Chrystel Ilano_Acuña & her cute baby. <3 Stel is the managing & marketing partner of Chee Cha Food Garden. She handles day to day operations so if you live in Laguna & you want to try your hand in the small food business with very little to no experience, you can start here. Stel is currently looking for a Halo-halo and Bibingka/Puto Bumbong vendor! :) Earn extra income for the holidays! Rent is on a per-day basis, saan ka pa?

Do message Christel at 09178837835 or email her at for more information and leasing inquiries.

Super loved the many & assorted street food offerings, especially the isaw & tenga stand from Charlie’s Lutong Homies! I think this stall was my top fave kasi I LOURVE meats & offals.

See? Isawsaw pa sa suka na tadtad ng sili, homaygas, yuuuum! <3

Since the food garden was outdoors, this frozen yogurt shake from Crazy Kebab quenched my thirst & kept me cool. With me is Crizzy dela Paz who is a first-timer in the food business but is super enjoying her stint as a food stall vendor in Chee Cha & sells a variety of Mediterranean food (kebabs, shawarmas and yogurt shakes).

Kap & I loved her secret sauces & asked if we can buy some for our home consumption. Unfortunately, she is not selling them, maybe someday. ;) I-so-social climb ko muna sya ng maige hehe.

Kap went crazy over this breaded giant butterfly squid from Samson’s Bulalo Express. Hindi lang bulalo ang binebenta, may pride is-kwid pa! ;P

Of course you can’t buy something from a bulalohan without a legit bulalo right? Meryenda soon turned into supper for my OTL & I. #busoglusog

I am a french fry kind of girl so I couldn’t resist ordering this Chicken & potato fries from Everyday Frydate. First of all, the name is SUPER catchy, and secondly, FRIES (with tasty chicken strips)! Right?? Did not disappoint.

My second favorite (it’s a tie!) for the day though are these Salted egg Chicken poppers & chicken skin from Sure, my arteries will probably clog midway (deep fried na, chicken skin pa, waaah!) but who cares. Kain lang ng kain, YOLO. :P

And third on my list is this succulent & uber tender and tasty Chef Mong’s Boneless Lechon. Sure, I’m eating my own kind lels, but the crispy skin just called out to me. How can I resist? Sabi ni Kap: Mag-norvasc ka na. Hehehe.

Yan oh? Pamatay!

So if you happen to be in the area, do give Chee Cha Food Garden a chance & support local vendors. ;) Great run for your money too – masarap na, presyong Kap-approved pa! (Team GOppets’ favorite tagline lol).

At huwag kalimutan, pakarga ng gasolina sa Bulilit Petron ni Kap my Kap para sa aming pangkabuhayan showcase! ;)

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