Chairman Wang’s

There’s a new restaurant on the block. CHAIRMAN WANG’s PRIME BEEF NOODLE HOUSE, a casual dining restaurant which originated in Vancouver B.C., specializing in Taiwanese beef noodles & is ensconced in the heart of Molito Complex, Alabang.

I don’t normally go for Taiwanese cuisine (Think Shi Lin) as I find their food bland. But since it was the only restaurant in Molito that we haven’t tried yet, and in keeping with the Chinese New Year, I decided to take my girls out for dinner & an early CNY celebration two Wednesdays ago.

Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House

Molito Lifestyle Complex

Alabang, Muntinlupa


See-through counter where they produce fresh noodles continuously.

I loved the interior. If we build a bigger house, I want a modern shanghai theme.
It’s so chinese boudoir/mafia like! ;)

I especially loved the line-up of lantern above us. The intricate wooden balcony comes a close second.
I can imagine myself in a flow-y chinese silk robe looking down at Kap (in a matching silk PJ’s) as he beckons me for a breakfast assortment of Xiao Long Bao’s, Pao’s, and tea hehe.

Yep. I also want this on my hypothetical wall. ;)

Nope, I’m not translating. That’s my phone case courtesy of the girls. Ang cute diba?

Because they were fairly new, a lot of items were not available yet.

I’m mababaw. I find a lot of things cute! :P

Complimentary tea.

Chairman’s Prime Beef Noodle (dry) 280 php
We liked this more than the soupy version below. It had more taste.

Chairman Braised Beef Noodle (soupy) 250 php

which, as I predicted, was VERY bland. So we peppered it with chili flakes. Lots & lots of chili flakes as you can see.

As usual, my sweetness of an ate served us with love.
It’s so wonderful to be loved & pampered.
Whenever I’m with ate, I feel relaxed as I don’t need to do anything.
She really takes care of everything from ordering to serving & does my mommy duties efficiently & effectively. <3
Kain lang kami ni Lovey hehe.

Sauteed Garlic Broccoli 200 php. Soggy & bland. What a combination. But ate wanted a low-calorie/low fat veggie so it was our fault that we had to endure this bland dish, lol. I just wish it wasn’t so soggy though.

Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid 280 php. It was not crispy, but we liked it. Tender to the bite & seasoned just right.

Sweet & Sour Pork 280 php. I heart this! <3

Braised Beancurd with Mushrooms 240 php.
Which I finished all on my own because my girls don’t eat tofu OR mushrooms! :P
Good thing it was so yummy & filled with 2 kids of mushrooms which happened to be my favorites! <3

Fragrant Spicy Chicken 280 php
Did not disappoint.

Chilled Coconut Milk Soup with Sago 95 php (single serve) which we 3 shared. Bitin as it was really good. The coconut milk was just the right amount of sweetness & you can really taste the coconut.

Red Bean Pancake 80 php.
One thing great about Taiwanese cuisine is because the food is usually bland, this dessert was not overly sweet. It tasted like bibingka with red mongo as filling.

Sesame Buchi 80 php/3 pcs.

And this is how I eat my hot, steaming buchi. Speared! Death by chopsticks. ;))
A cup of jasmine rice is 50 php, btw.

My boy, who is no longer a baby, was at the gym with his friends. Nagpapalaki ng katawan for the prom, lels.

Oh! Don’t forget to order their signature drinks served in a carafe. Too bad I wasn’t able to get one for our table! Would have loved to taste the exotic mix of fragrant tea & berries with soda. :'( I believe it’s one of the items Chairman Wang is famous for -bubble tea!

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