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Chairman Wangs with The Chairman

He may not look it because he dresses for comfort more than to impress. But believe me, this guy is Chairman material. ;)) He heads many establishments & is a successful businessman. Meet Hitler, our first & oldest friend in the village we live in.

I first featured him in SSEN HERE. Then HERE, and finally HERE. So most of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time now may be familiar with our dear friend Ernesto -or more popularly know as Hitler.. the gentle giant (yes, despite the name)!


As you can see, this is why he & my Kap gets along so well. They go for comfort over fashion. And Hitler is so down to earth despite his status in life.

He must have missed us or something because he called Kap out of the blue & invited us to lunch. Now he really is like Kap in most ways. He also loves chinese food.. and extra rice (dahil mga tunay na lalaki sila!)

Since he was in a rush that day, we agreed to have a quick lunch at Chairman Wangs just to catch up. It’s the closest we could get to chinese food so it had to make do even if it was, in essence, a Taiwanese restaurant. :P

To read my previous post on Chairman Wangs, CLICK HERE.

Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House

Molito Lifestyle Mall, Madrigal Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 828-8477



We started off with drinks. The last time I touched base here I didn’t get to try their drinks. So I was glad when Hitler decided to get a couple to try. These are the Iced Lemon Tea 150 php (taller carafe) and Fruit Tea Sangria 120 php.


I will never turn down my favourite soup, HOT & SOUR Soup 120 php. Available in personal size. <3 Not as “hot” as I would have liked though, too bad.


Hitler’s Seafood Spinach Beancurd Soup 120 php, and some baskets of Shrimp Hakaw 150 php for appetizer.


Black Fungus & Jelly Fish Salad 120 php. I really prefer the plain chinese version dipped in soy sauce & chili paste.


Yum. Century Egg 120 php.


We also got some Pork Dumplings 180 php to share. Sharing is caring! ;)


Chairman Wangs famous Braised Beef with Garlic Coriander 350 php.


Sweet & Sour Pork with Citrus Fruits 280 php. Delightful! <3 Plus the fruits & veggies were crisp & perfect to the bite.


Fragrant Spicy Chicken 280 php.


Yang Chow Fried Rice 250 php.


and Braised Beancurd with Mushrooms 240 php.

New friends are great, but it’s always fun hanging with friends you have a good history with. And this is certainly one friendship worth keeping. Thank you for a yummy lunch Hitler! ‘Til the next time! :-*

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