Cesar Gaupo

Ever since her ninang Marina told ate she can have any shoe she wants for her debut, we have been on the search!!! :)

She actually found one she really really LOVES at Christian Louboutin, although it’s crazy expensive, and super jahe to her ninang even though she said sky’s the limit. We don’t want to take advantage of her kindness & generosity!

Louboutin shoe $1,280!!!

I can just imagine it! <3 It would go SO WELL with the cocktail dress that ate wants for her debut.

It’s just perfect for the cocktail dress that ate wants.
We’re thinking of going to Sassa Jimenez to have this made.
She’s an up & coming designer who’s becoming popular by the minute.
A: 2194 F. Zobel St., San Miguel Village, Makati City
T: (02) 899-0947
M: 0917-5542893
E: sassa_jimenez@yahoo.com

So we searched online where we can have the shoes copied. Then we thought of Cesar Gaupo in greenbelt -he makes custom shoes!

So after our uneventful lunch at Buffet 101, we drove straight to greenbelt 5 to check out his store.

ate also liked this sexy stilettos although it doesn’t match the cocktail dress she wants.
Her taste is really high fashion! @_@
She will have to marry rich, LOL!!
20k for this baby! @_@
Plus 30% to have it custom-made!
Heels to choose from. Ate is happy!!! ;))
Instead of stilettos, she wants platforms
so she can walk all night in them without worrying about a possible fall!
Or varicose veins, for that matter! ;)
Size 9-1/2 & growing!!! @_@
So she really falls under custom made since their sizes only go until 9!
OMG!!! $$$

We are still awaiting their email/call if they can make a replica of the shoe ate likes from Louboutin (shiny silver & spikes!). Keeping our fingers crossed!!! Help us PRAY!!! ;)

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