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I finally felt the December breeze, woohoo! \m/ Up until mid-November, it was still unbearably hot & sunny and I mostly kept indoors enjoying the stale air-conditioned air, lol. T’was only a couple of days ago that I started appreciating the cool, crisp, CHRISTmas outdoor weather & I’m so, so, SO loving it! <3

I always say this, but I really do mean it. TIME FLIES BY SO FAST! @_@ Parang kailan lang it was February & I was complaining how fast my January ended. Ngayon, Disyembre na?? Agad-agad??

The holiday season dawned on me as I was watching my darling daughter sitting under our simple tree, busy wrapping gifts that we bought for friends & loved ones. This is it, pasko na talaga sinta ko!


It’s CHRISTmas tiiiime in the GOppets household. Our tree may be small & simple, but busog-lusog naman ng pagmamahal at napapalibutan ng pagasa.. just like our little perfectly imperfect family. As we put up our holiday decors, let us always remember that Jesus is the REASON for the season. <3

Among some of my favorite gift items wrapped & tucked under our tree are daily devotional planners published by the daughter of very dear family friends. If you remember a while back, I wrote about one of our bestest couple friends, Bani & Dolly and their inspiring love story. Tito Bani is now with the Lord </3 but he will be forever etched in our hearts.


Family is where life begins & love never ends. And even though tito Bani is no longer with us here on earth, he will always be in our hearts for as long as we live & breathe.

Anyway, their brilliant daughter whom I have seen grow up & bloom right before my eyes, chucked her chance to work at the family owned, famous Tesoro’s Philippine Handicrafts Company like the rest of the cousins, and came up with her own business plan: CERTIFIED POSITIVE -a devotional planner, which is now a booming biz!


Order your copies now at www.certifiedpositive.com Don’t forget to check out the other items too: AMEN Prayer Journal, Waterproof Notepads, and Bible Tab Stickers! :)

On its 5th year, Bea is a huge success on her own with Certified Positive, and her mother is just bursting with pride. Of course, tita-titahan that I am, I’m also equally proud of what this amazing girl has accomplished! Just proves that big & precious things come out of small packages. ;)


I’ve seen this young lady grow up right before my eyes! From a teeny-bopper to a successful entrepreneur, all on her own! <3 I have coined her as BE-Amazing & the name suits her just fine.


National Book Store carries Certified Positive devotional planners with pride. Available at all NBS outlets, get your copy for only 589 php. Your gift will go a loooong way, 365 days worth. ;)

Certified Positive also has other items that can surely inspire you day in & day out as you go about your activities. You can now share #goodvibes with your friends all day, err’day! ;)


Surpassing expectations this 2017! <3 Be encouraged and grow in faith with this life-changing planner from cover to cover. Discover Jesus and be encouraged by monthly stories of changed lives by Christ, daily inspirational quotes, and uplifting biblically inspired stickers! Get to read the Bible in 365 days, be intentional in your prayer life, and pass on the good news of Christ to others. Be #CertifiedPositive everyday! To order online, you can visit www.certifiedpositive.com


Record your most intimate thoughts and prayers with the Lord with this Certified Positive notebook. Write down your prayer requests & CLAIM IT in faith. Do you know that the Hebrew word, amen, means “surely, indeed, truly.” It derives from a root form, aman, which signifies “to be firm, steady, trustworthy, faithful” May our thirst for scripture lead us to love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul. Amen. Buy this AMEN Prayer Journal for only 299.00 php.  To order, visit www.certifiedpositive.com


Rain or shine, always Certified Positive with these waterproof notepads. Write in any mood and in any occasion. Guaranteed effective from tears & whatnots. lol. Buy this “Forgive Me” WATERPROOF notepad for only 99.00 php. To order, visit www.certifiedpositive.com


Having trouble looking for the books in the Bible? These fun and colorful Bible tab stickers would definitely help you find the scriptures with ease. So you get to enjoy more time reading and less time searching. ;)


Bible tab stickers from Matthew to Revelation also available. Buy these colorful & attractive tabs for only 100.00 php each pack. To order, visit www.certifiedpositive.com

I’ve already placed my orders for the holiday season to gift to dear family & friends. So very excited to share this wonderful find with people I care about & love.


Don’t miss the chance to grab this life-changing daily planner that would help you journey with Jesus daily.


Each of my kids already chose their favorites from my Certified Positive gift pile to use in school. My super PA of course got dibs on the devotional planner to list our many activities this coming 2017, and of course as she enters college in August!! Ate claimed the waterproof note pads which will prove useful as she takes down notes while eating her snack/lunch somewhere in between. And my Babyson received the Amen journal. Kap & I have already read the Bible from cover to cover several times over, and we are hoping that we can also influence him into doing the same. After all, he will be the future head of his own family one day & the Bible is a great tool in keeping the family together.

Because I love YOU guys so much, and because I’m so SO thankful for the love, care, and overwhelming support you have given me & my family throughout 2016, I would like to give away several Certified Positive devotional planners to YOU, my dear readers! <3

All you have to do is click on the link below to join RAFFLECOPTER & get a chance to win a Certified Positive devotional planner! Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if your name comes up in the raffle draw & we can arrange the shipping. Please don’t forget to “LIKE” Certified Positive’s Facebook page & help Bea BE-even-more-Amazing!

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Love you guys, stay positive! :-*


Spreading positivity & cheer this holiday season and throughout the year, from our hearts & home to yours. May God fill your life with joy, peace, love, good health, and bountiful blessings. -Love from the GOppets.



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