Certified Electronic Raffle Believer!

A little over 2 years ago, a couple of days before valentine’s day & my birthday, my Hunny asked me this: If I gave you 100k to spend, what will you buy? Now, I KNOW my hunny. He would NEVER 1.) let me spend 100k on a whim! ;P 2.) give me 100k as shopping money!!! ;))

So on valentine’s day, I got my usual greeting card which he taped to my mirror so I can see it as soon I brush my teeth. I somewhat dilly-dallied before I finally opened my card because I was a little sad that I didn’t get roses (As I said, I am a brat, haha!). A printed piece of paper fell out. I said to myself, Oh great, a bill to boot! Thinking it was probably a meralco or water bill that he inserted so I don’t forget to pay. As soon as I read it, I kept SHRIEKING & JUMPING!! I was crying buckets of tears because there I was, thinking poor me, I don’t have any roses, boohoo! When all the while my Hunny pie gave ME this wonderful EXTRAVAGANT gift!!! @_@ All for ME!!! <3

The letter that made me SHRIEK with joy!!! ;P
On valentine’s day, we ALL went to Citibank to claim my hunny’s prize.
100k worth of Rustan’s gift certificates in 5,000.00 denominations!!! @_@
They were probably thinking I’d use it one at a time haha.
Can you see the HUGE smile on our face??? ;))

My hunny said it’s all MINE! but of course, I shared my GCs! ;)) From citibank, we went straight to Rustan’s to SPEND frivolously hahaha!!! :P

Ate got a FURLA watch/bangle
My babyson got ZOO YORK shoes..
So did my baby girl! :)
My hunny chose his gift for me, a PHILIP CHARRIOL bangle that had a kissing couple as fasteners! <3
Sayang you can’t see the kissing couple detail :((
It’s suuuuper cute!!! <3

I insisted that he also get something for himself, but he didn’t want. He said this trip was really intended for me. I felt soooooo small!!! And yet so BIG at the same time, hahaha! ;))

We shopped some more for my MIL & my mom to share my blessings. Some GCs I kept to gift to a friend who I knew would love some retail therapy of her own. Then went for ICE CREAM of course to cap off a sweet ending to a sweet day! <3

My SWEET heart! :)

Thank you so much honey pie. I know I’m always saying you’re sooooo kunat. But I know deep in my heart that you would give me anything my heart desires if you could. I’m so blessed to have you as a husband! LOVE YOU!!! :-*

To citibank: I am now a certified raffle believer!!! Thank you! ;)

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