Celebrity Homes

I know I promised I’ll take pictures of garage sales in our village. But even I was disappointed at the sorry state of the items sold in this week’s garage sales. So I didn’t bother uploading them anymore as I saw nothing of value. Just miles & miles of old clothes & shoes. Sometimes, on rare occasions, I see furniture & electronics worth giving a second glance. I very rarely buy, but it’s nice to make usi haha! And also to kill time while I wait for my babyson to finish basketball practice. :P

Every week, we get this newsletter with chika of what’s happening in our village. There’s also a portion dedicated to anything & everything for sale/rent (name it, it’s there for sure), garage sales among others…

Maybe next week I’ll have better chances! ;P But for now, I just took pictures of some celebrity homes to share with you…
This is senator Ping Lacson’s house.
2 doors down is Pops Fernandez’ house.
And accdg. to my friend Sharon,  this is Martin Nievera’s house.
Far far away from Pops’! ;)
This is Aga Muhlach’s house.
He super values his privacy. It’s covered with trees.
(side view. His house is a corner lot)
Lots & lots of trees talaga!!! ;)) You can only see his roof! :P
Same with Jose Marie Chan’s house.
His lot is really big! I need a wide-framed lens to cover his entire lot area!
His house is directly situated in front of DLSZ… he must hate the traffic every morning!
DLSZ-High School
DLSZ-Grade School
This is Mike Velarde’s (El Shaddai) house.
There’s a connecting lot on the right for his garden & pool. Really big lot too, like JMC’s.
This is Ayen Munji-Laurel’s house.
It’s near..
Paref Woodrose.
This is ex-Pres. Ramos’ home
Thankfully, no PSGs were situated outside
so I was able to take a sneak pic hehe! :P
And accdg. to another daddy-friend, Al, This is the home of Vilma Santos.
Like Aga’s & Jose Mari’s, her house is also covered by plenty of trees.
The stars value their privacy to the max! ;)
So unlike the home of Bong Revilla & Lani Mercado.
Their house was bustling with activity. Busy, busy, busy!
Lea Salonga, Christine Jacobs, Agot Isidro & Vic Sotto also lives inside the village, those I have yet to see! :P And if I do, of course I’ll take a picture to share with you! ;)

And look what we found while looking for the elusive homes.. herds of animals grazing! Soooo cute!! <3

Happy weekend everyone! :-*

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