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Dad’s Day at Mesclun

The Bossman already invited me to MESCLUN BISTRO in Serendra for the LUSH HOUR a couple of weeks ago. For the second time around, we were invited to the Eastwood branch to sample the FATHER’s DAY SPECIAL, which is the TOMAHAWK. Yum! <3

This time, I made sure it’s Kap who came along because this is MEAT we’re talking about! And it is after all, for Father’s Day. ;)


Mesclun Bistro Eastwood

G/F Eastwood Mall (beside Chuck’s Deli)
T: 900-0503




Cheers to the fathers, the soon-to-be dad, and 2 might-already-be-dads-but-are-clueless-about-the-situation! :P


Before the star of the show, we got to try a couple of Mesclun’s all-time favorites..



Chimichurri Chicken 345 php. Chicken fillets with chimichurri sauce, grana padano, served with mashed potatoes or rice pilaf.


Tenderloin Steak with Blue Cheese 795 php. U.S. Angus beef tenderloin on a bed of spinach and garlic mashed potatoes with blue cheese sauce.


Sisig Spaghetti 245 php.  With crispy pork sisig and light cream sauce topped with chicharon. (Slightly spicy, heat maybe adjusted)



Linguine with Truffled Cream Sauce 325 php. Linguine with truffled cream sauce, portobello mushrooms with shaved grana padano.


House Cured Corned Beef 595 php. House cured U.S. Angus corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, carrots and pommery mustard-horseradish sauce, served with its cooking broth, and rice.


And here’s the star.. THE MEATIEST FATHER’S DAY DISH EVER! THE MANLY MAN’S TOMAHAWK for all the meat-lovin’ dads! <3 Mesclun Bistro will offer this thick & juicy tomahawk for one day only this coming Sunday so don’t miss it!



Certified Angus Beef Bone-In Rib-Eye with your choice of four out of 5 perfect side dishes: Truffled Fries, Sauteed Fresh Button Mushroom, Steak Rice, Gratin Dauphinois, Creamed Blue Cheese Spinach P3,990 for the humongous meal good for the whole family!



For dessert, we tried Meslun’s SAMALAMIG. Perfect for the Philippine weather! Perfect meal-ender. Perfect everything! <3




Avocado milkshake 195 php with 3 huge scoops of avocado ice cream from Arce Dairy. LHAV!!! <3


Ice cream sandwich 165 php from the good old days of ice cream & pandesal combination.


Carabao milk halo-halo 245 php. Omg YOU NEED TO ORDER THEIR CARABAO HALO-HALO. With Yema. I’m not kidding. I almost cried from happiness after finishing off a whole glass! @_@ I got dizzy midway from sugar overload but who cares! :P



Friends that eat & drink together stay together! :P I’ve only been with the KTG for around 2 months but I feel like I’ve known them forever. <3


Meanwhile, I left the kids in Ate’s able hands. What a good mother I am huh? Kap & I went eating while my eldest child took over my mommy duties hehe. #whatischildabuse :P Thank you so much Ate for giving me a day off & for being the kids’ mommy for a day. Thank you for helping them do & buy everything they need for school. You’re such a delightfully responsible Ate whatever will I do without you! <3


PicMonkey Collage1

Ate reporting for duty! ;))


Thank you many times over boss Spanks for the million-and-one invites. I always have fun hanging with you guys. And thank you again Chef KATRINA KUHN-ALCANTARA & MESCLUN BISTRO for having us the 2nd time around! <3



Capo di tutti capi of KTG. The “serious” Bossman! <3

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