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CDP Global Table Makati

Sometimes you get hits, and you are over the moon with happiness for hitting the jackpot in getting that big, beautiful & delectable dish that haunts your dreams at night. Sometimes though you’re not so lucky & you get a couple of misses. Life is like that, you don’t really know what you’re getting. ;)

That’s what happened to us last week. Not that the food wasn’t good. It wasn’t great (at least for us), but it wasn’t bad either. Or maybe it just wasn’t our type of food.

First of all, the servings were amazingly small considering the price. Secondly, the taste was “too cultured” for us. We’re simple folks, so I think this was the wrong restaurant of choice for us, especially for the kids..


CDP Global Table

Chef Du Partie (CDP) Global Table Restaurant
148B Level R1 Power Plant Mall, Lopez Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City 1200
+632 556-4454
Sunday to Wednesday: 12.00nn to 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 11.00pm
Thursday to Saturday: 12.00nn to 3.00pm, 6.00pm -2.00am

Chef Du Partie Global Table is a restaurant offering global cuisine by Malou Fores of Mamou fame & Recovery Food, Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara of Mesclun & Chuck’s Deli, and Kristine del Gallego-Locsin formerly of Lu. The 3 ladies have partnered for the first time & have decided to come up with global contemporary cuisine.

CDP meaning: Line Cook. As a chef de partie you get to oversee a section of the kitchen, be it pastry, butchery, fish, sauces, vegetables and so on. This is why the job is sometimes called a station chef or line cook. In large kitchens, you usually get help from a demi-chef de partie, commis or trainee chef.


I’ve been seeing CDP on my Instagram feed so we decided to pay it a visit. CDP is right beside Mamou in Rockwell, which is the former location of Achiote. I love that the place is so warm & inviting in spite of the very small area.





It was rare to have all my 3 kids with me for dinner that night. My babyson is always so busy that having him along was definitely a treat for me! <3


I especially LOVED the ceiling! <3 I’m an old soul & I love over the top, centuries old-inspired decor. I also loved that it clashed with the modern wall & interiors.




CHEESE PLATE (choice of 3 assorted cheese from the cart at 1,180 php, 5 assorted cheese at 1,590 php) served with dried figs, dried mangoes, candied pill, grapes, and housemade bread. All handpicked & personal favorites of Chef Katrina who happens to be the Cheese Master of the Philippine Cheese Club .


The bar displays fruit-infused liqueur dispensers, which they use as base for their cocktails.


The menu is cute, it looks like a small storybook. <3 If you look closely, the logo has caricatures of the three lady owners.


We were served complimentary sourdough bread, which staved off our hunger pangs well after we had our very, very, VERY light dinner! ;)) We asked for more, of course.


The place is ALWAYS booked solid. So DO make a reservation to guarantee seating. Or you’re in for a long wait.


Black Stew 455 php. Baby squid, chorizo, tinta, aioli, bread. Listed under “MAINS”, I have to disagree & put this under the appetizer category. Although quite tasty, I really find this over-priced. AND THE SERVING VERY VERY SMALL,


Steak Frites Poutine 1,440 php. USDA rib-eye, fries, gravy, kesong puti, blue cheese. What can I say? Mamou steaks are really good, but also really expensive.


Truffle Maccheroni 495 php. Maccheroni, white truffle paste, cream, grana padano, parma ham. My Lovey is in love with anything truffle so she was quite happy with this particular dish.


Goat Bolognese 465 php. Goat bolognese, bucatini, grana padano, basilico. My babyson found this too gamey for his taste. But why he ordered GOAT in the first place baffles me! @_@ Needless to say, he barely touched this dish & just ate all the bread that came with it, and the ones on our table too & then some. He went home hungry! :P In fairness, the pasta was al dente.


Triade 455 php. Saffron panna cotta, red wine chocolate pudding, salted caramel pot au creme. Ate decided to skip dinner in favor of dessert but was disappointed with the quirky mix of saffron & wine on the panna cotta.


The place, although on the small side, was really pretty though. :) I’m still happy we got to try this new place out. Maybe we should just stick to “less cultured” restos in the future, lels. Obviously, our palates aren’t mature enough to handle “exotics:. ;P

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