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40 years of CDO Foodsphere Inc., A Family Affair.

It’s back to school once again for my Lovey, the only one remaining in high school. Gone were the leisurely days when we didn’t have to set an alarm & we could wake up at any time of the day without having to worry about schedule & activities.


And we’re back to civilian clothes for her last 2 years in high school.

One of my concerns come BTS is what to serve the kids for breakfast. Although not picky eaters, they get tired of eating the same thing over & over again and most of the time skip the most important meal of the day. So I really make a conscious effort to have our cook to prepare something that will perk them up, pique their interest, and keep them satiated & energized until lunchtime.


My Lovey loves the Beef Tapa, Pork Tocino, and Chicken Longganiza the best among all the CDO products. She can have them all day err’day for breakfast, baon, or meryenda! <3


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CDO Beef Tapa is Beef Jerky made from tender cuts of beef and marinated with vinegar and garlic. | CDO Chicken Longganiza is a Filipino breakfast sausage seasoned with secret spices. | CDO Pork Tocino is cured pork marinated in a sweet special sauce. My Lovey’s top 3 almusal favorites.



I ask our cook to round up a variety of breakast food for the kids from day to day so they have choices. I always tell them that in life, walang pader. They will ALWAYS have choices. There will always be loopholes, so never despair. #LifeLessons

As a mom, the heart of the family, I make sure that we have breakfast together as a faMEALy every day, or complete at least on weekends when all the kids are home from school. And CDO Foodsphere Inc., with its quick & easy meals have been a part of our breakfast table for as long as I can remember.


CDO Foodsphere Inc. is a meat-processing company in the Philippines founded by Corazon Dayro Ong (CDO) & her husband Jose Ong on June 25, 1975 at the backyard of their home in Valenzuela City which became the production, warehouse and distribution area. Read more about their humble beginnings HERE. I was 6 years old then -starting school, and my love affair with their food products took roots & bloomed when my own mom served me breakfast that consisted of CDO products.

CDO Foodsphere Inc. is known for developing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality nutritious food products at reasonable prices, and has brought total customer satisfaction to the Filipino family nationwide since its conception. I am assured of quality when, like my Mom, I also feed my GOppets CDO products because I know that CDO Foodsphere Inc. is committed in the pursuit for ways of developing and improving the quality of its products.

Great news for moms like me! CDO Foodsphere Inc. is cooking up something in celebration if its 40th YEAR, imagine that! Do visit their FACEBOOK PAGE (click here) to join & win exciting prizes!



You can view & use so many recipes using CDO Foodspere Inc.‘s many products by CLICKING HERE. Guaranteed to be a hit with our kids, pang-almusal man o pang-baon. Feeding them has never been so easy!

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