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Caviar Restaurant & Champagne Bar

I’m an Alabang girl, and I wear my colors with pride. I should know anything & everything about my town right? WRONG. It took JIN’s POST to introduce me to CAVIAR & made me want to see it for myself. Actually, I’ve been seeing & reading it all over our weekly village ads but I didn’t give it a second thought. I thought it was just another restaurant opening in our neighborhood. Never in my wildest imagination did I think we would have something THIS GRAND in our back yard! @_@ Ang galing mo Jin ha! ;)

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar

Unit A-206 Westgate Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd.

Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 552-7930

CLICK HERE to see the menu on munchpunch. Price not included though. Head on over to Jin’s post so you have an idea of how much it would take to wine & dine your lady love here. Make sure you have steady legs though, or better yet, take a seat before you read her post (if you haven’t yet!). ;))

2 Tuesdays ago, I had 4 gastronmic foodtrips in ONE day! Talk about katakawan. :) Lunch at a korean restaurant in Makati with 2 of my 3 kids, then dessert at a cakeshop in Paranaque. Dinner at a Filipino restaurant in Alabang with 3 lovely lady friends, then nightcap at Caviar. Could my day have gone any better? <3

Cute signage in front of the restaurant. *BEEF CROSSING <3

Life-like resin sculpture of a Komodo Dragon. I wonder what’s the story behind?
There’s another one inside, on the wall, so the owner (or the decorator) must have an affinity to this reptile?
Can someone enlighten me please? Hindi naman galing sa lizard ang caviar! ;)

The place was empty when we went on a weekday after dinner. But do call ahead to make sure.
Better safe than sorry.

The interior is plush, yet cozy & warm at the same time.
The main dining rooms closes at 10PM, so the ladies on the left are seen dining here in the Bar area.

Wine rack dividing the dining area from the bar.

I was able to sneak in a quick shot of the main dining area with some customers capping off their meal.

Outdoor seating.

And there’s the other komodo dragon on the wall..

that led to these individual restrooms.

I ordered a 187 ml. Villa Maria New Zealand white sparkling wine which was crisp, sweet & delicious! <3 380 php

CLICK HERE to read about Villa Maria Gewurztraminer sparkling wine.


While my lady friends had coffee 200 php. Hindi sila mga alcoholic tulad ko! ;)) #pasosyalako

Complimentary macarons that came with their coffee.

Cheers! <3

The 5-course dinner set menu at 2.2k++/person. There’s also a vegetarian 5-course dinner available at 1.8k++/person.

Who knows? Kap might just spring for a surprise dinner for me here! I’m not holding my breath though.. besides, who am I kidding? We can’t even pronounce whatever is on the menu, lels. ;P #mangarapkalang

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