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Caviar Restaurant & Champagne Bar Revisited

My ate Marita lived in the U.S. half of her life, so she has inherited some of the American custom.. like treating a celebrant out to lunch/dinner on her birthday instead of the other way around. Really, I’m not complaining! ;) For my birthday, she INSISTED to take me out on a date at any resto of my choice. Nahiya naman ako, pero slight lang! :P She is my ate after all.

Ate Marita asked me where I wanted to eat for lunch. I answered her indirectly with my usual lambing..

Me: You know ate, I’ve been asking Kap to take me to this very nice place but he doesn’t want kasi mej mahal.

ate M: Saan ba yan? Ako mag-drive dapat malapit lang ha.

Me: Oh ate, it’s so near lang. Sa westgate! (heart beating fast)

ate M: O siya, dun na tayo mag-lunch sunduin kita bukas.


Mwahaha! I really know how to bend my ate around my pudgy little fingers! She’s like putty in my hands. ;)) I am now certifiably the Queen of the land called Passiva/Aggresiva. ;)) And thus, my promise to go back to Caviar Restaurant & Champagne Bar came true!

Last week, my ate picked me up in her shiny, new, KEYLESS car! <3 Ate, pwede ba huwag nalang lunch? Pa-arbor nalang ng car? ;P

Simply push the start button beside the wheel and you’re on the go. Weeeeee!
I also want a new car. Somebody get me one please??? I’ll be really, really grateful PROMISE!

No really, I was feeling a bit (emphasis on the “bit”) awkward which is why I chose the least expensive on the menu. The 3-course businessman’s lunch at 750++ php inclusive of soup, salad, and a main course -a choice between steak, or catch of the day which was Cod on the day we went).

But before that, our server handed us the Caviar menu. I immediately turned to look at my ate, wanting to see her reaction coz I saw from JIN’s POST the Caviar price list. Her expression was classic. How I wish I had the gall to take her photo as her eyes turned saucer-like in surprise. I think she really thought I was taking her to the cleaners with our lunch date hahaha! ;))

Caviar Restaurant Restaurant & Champagne Bar

Unit A-206 Westgate Centre

Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday, Lunch 11.30am to 2.00pm, Dinner 5.30pm – 10.00pm

Sunday Brunch 09.00am to 2.00pm, Sunday Dinner 5.30pm – 10.00pm

Kunwari nahihiya pa akong mag-order diba? ;))

She must have been thankful that I didn’t order Caviar, so she offered to order wine for my celebratory birthday lunch. I got a nice red wine to go with my steak lunch, as recommended by our server. Ate got a sweet white wine. She is not alcoholic like me so she asked our guy to be gentle in the wine choice. ;))

My Ohau River Pinot Noir 420 php/glass (red) for my steak,
and ate Marita’s Villa Maria Gewurs 380 php/glass (white) best paired with seafood. <3

Cheers to many more years of sisterly love & friendship! <3
Thank you so much for my very bonggacious birthday treat. I love you, ate! :-*

Bottles of wine that I consumed, lel-JK! ;))

And of course, I chose the classy & exclusive cove seating area. There are only 4 seats of this kind so make sure you inform them of your seat choice upon reservation.


Complimentary bread

Vichyssoise. Our Soup of the Day.

Potato & Leek Soup. Rich, creamy goodness which I drained to the very last drop! ;)

One of the best Ceasar Salads I’ve tasted.

I loved the flavors on my Hanger Steak. Except the meat was really tough & dry. But I shouldn’t expect much for a 750 steak lunch, right? :P It IS a steal.
I suggest you order ala-carte if you want a better, more tender steak.

A hanger steak is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavor. Derived from the diaphragm of a steer or heifer, it typically weighs about 1.0 to 1.5 lb. In the past, it was sometimes known as “butcher’s steak” because butchers would often keep it for themselves rather than offer it for sale.

Norwegian Skrei Cod- steamed, with ginger pickled veggies glazed with Argan oil on bed on sesame spinach.

The Grand Dessert 1,100 php.

Orange Yogurt Bavarois accompanied with seasonal garnish (normally 410 php).
At first I thought it was panna cotta, but it was molded tangy yogurt.

Molten Chocolate
Warm chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream (normally 390 php)
Oooooh this one, I truly & deeply LOVED! <3

Creme Brulee
Caramel layered vanilla custard with forest berries (normally 380 php)

Complimentary macarons

Brewed Coffee 180 php

Complimentary Green Tea


and the handsome & very jovial Sommelier/General manager BASTIAAN VAN DER WALLE

I took photos of ALL the items on the menu so you can be prepared when you do visit! ;)) It’s not actually ALL expensive. You have a choice between ala carte or set menu..


5-course set dinner 2,200 php

5-course VEGETARIAN set dinner 1,800 php

Caviar Restaurant & Champagne Bar promotes faMEALy times, so do try their Family Style Brunch offered only on Sundays -before or after church. A family that eats and PRAYS together stays happy together after all. ;)

This photo belongs to OAP.
790 php/person or 610 php/kid below12 years old.
Again, this is FAMILY STYLE, meaning you SHARE what’s on the table.
It’s not eat-all-you-can. So hindi kami pwede dito lels.
Btw, congratulations Rache on another boy! m/

Remember, I’m just a stone’s throw away. I’m open to invitations hahaha. I promise I won’t order caviar! ;P But I will order this though..

This photo belongs to Caviar Restaurant & Bar.
And it doesn’t look tough or dry. YUM! <3
Cowboy Steak 4,500 php (otherwise known as The Tomahawk)

Sorry, I’m not sharing. Sagot ko naman ang kwento eh. ;)
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