Cathee’s Baby Shower

Cathee’s sweet, sweet, SWEET husband arranged for her to have a surprise baby shower the other day. And this is for their FOURTH child na ha! FOURTH daughter (whom they have decided to name NIXZY). And yet, he is still sooooooo AMAZINGLY SWEET!!! <3 #parinig

He conspired with 2 of Cathee’s closest friends to put his plan into action. Look at the amazing details sister act Teree & Ria put into this surprise baby shower at the Alabang Country Club. They are SUCH fantabulous friends, don’t you agree?? m/

As early as 10 A.M., sister act Teree & Ria were there already, busy with decorating &stuff.
Can I have a surprise shower too??? (one without babies) hahaha!
Table for games & prizes. They came more than prepared! :)
Piles & piles of gifts for baby NIXZY! <3
Super cute cupcake giveaways! <3
Teree & Ria did EVERYTHING. As in everything down to the littlest detail.
Pwede silang party organizers haha.

The country club has BRAVO as their in-house caterer. And just look at this wonderful merienda cena spread. DROOL! <3

Four Seasons.
My happy plate! :)

It was nice to see Cathee genuinely surprised when she came into the Mango Pavilion of the Alabang Country Club. Teree & Ria really pulled it off! m/

That’s Ria (leftmost), Teree (middle), and the very pregnant & blooming Cathee! <3

After some exchange of pleasantries & the usual besos & kumustahans, the dynamic duo provided fun games for the guests. It was truly an afternoon of non-stop laughter, I swear I had a raging migraine by the time I got home! ;)) (That, or maybe because I over ate -as usual? haha!)

First was “Guess Cathee’s Waitline” using a twill thread haha!! zOMG! @_@Β 
Cathee changed into a floral dress provided by her husband specially for the occasion.
I did mention he was really really REALLY sweet right???
He even knows his wife’s size & style. Sigh..
Then it was “DAMITAN SI BABY!” ;))
“Guess the Word”
and last was “NAME THAT POOP!”.
This was hilarious as you had to smell the stinky diaper & write down what you think the “poop” in it smells like. :P
Best part, of course, was the opening of presents for baby Nixzy! :)

Thank you so much Teree & Ria for inviting us to the shower & including us in welcoming baby Nixzy to the world. Cathee is SO BLESSED to have found such great friends in you gals!! <3

Congratulations, Cathee, for your new bouncing baby girl!! Another princess to add to your fold! :-*

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