Cashless Date Night

My kids, even when they were much younger, never did go for the typical kid’s meryenda like Mcdo, shakey’s or jollibee. It was either Friday’s or some other place that served “real” food. On one hand, it was great because even at a young age you can put anything in front of them and they know how to eat it! ;P On the other hand, it’s quite expensive, this acquired taste if theirs, hehe! I know, I know, totally my fault. I get it! @_@

Every time we would go out, 1 thousand pesos is soooo kulang!!! There’s always the movie, the munchees, the drinks, the knick-knacks they just “gotta” have, or “need”.

So when my hunny bunny & I went on a 0-peso date tonight, it was something FRESH and a most welcome change! ;)

We started off with a FREE movie. Followed by a FREE dinner. Then ended with another FREE movie!!! I know right? How good can it get??? ;)

MTRCB pass which has been indefinitely extended, YAY!!!
Have been enjoying it for the past 6 months.
Many thanks to the Ricketts! :)
To inquire about application, click here.

We watched DREAM HOUSE. If you never watch a movie again for the rest of the year. I am telling you, this is THE movie to watch! It is soooo unpredictable that I was biting my nails from start to finish! I fell in love with the lead’s family and cried at the last part — which was unexpected since I thought this was a scary multo movie! And even after the movie ended, we were still discussing it at length over dinner!

Spooky poster, right?
Amazingly, it wasn’t multo-multo! ;))
Basta, there’s a mega twist. Watch it!!!

Dinner however, was uneventful, compared to the movie! But hey, it was free, so who am I to complain? ;P I have a 300 GC from North Park. Their promo for every 1,500 you spend using citibank. I just love citibank and their gazillion promos! Don’t you?? I mean citibank hooks up with just about every business establishment. Citibank is LOvE in my book! ;)

Complimentary tea…
and soup..
Plus free toasted noodles (less than 300 php)!

Since my hunny hasn’t watched FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS yet, I went with him and watched it again. Good thing it was a cute movie so I really didn’t mind.

Cute & Funny!
Definitely not R13 though. So beware!
Watched this with ate the first time. Gawd!!! So many nude & love scenes!!! @_@

Sayang lang that my hunny lost his coupon for free coffee or that would have been icing on my cake for the night! ;P I was so craving coffee after our noodle fest!

Oh!!! I still have these complimentary vouchers for an overnight stay in Bellevue! Plus free use of their gym (yeah right.. As if!!!) & pool. Would have been the perfect CASHLESS date ever! Didn’t have the foresight to book in advance hehe!

There’s an old adage that goes.. “The BEST things in life are FREE”… and I most definitely agree! ;)) Good night! :-*

PS- My hunny & his tennis buds organized a fund-raising event in rockwell this sunday for their friend Baui, who sadly passed this morning. :'(( 1 thousand php/ticket but goes to a great cause. Baui left behind his wife & 3 children who are still studying. So whatever amount is raised will go towards their education. And also to help pay up their existing hospital bills. Please let me know if you want to help. Thanks! <3

Real Steel


Update on the fund raising event..
Baby gave a short but meaningful thank you speech.
There were no dry eyes in the cinema! :'(
Dustin & Gerard raffled off some items as a token to friends & families
who purchased the 1,000.00/seat ticket for the fund raising.
Everyone also got jamaican patties (courtesy of Gerard),
and rebisco crackers & picnik chips (courtesy of Dustin).
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