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Casa Italia Cafe

Having the hot flashes is THE PITS! I’m always feeling feverishly hot, stickily sweaty, perennially itchy all over, and just plain old sluggish. Masungit pa. One moment I’m laughing, the next I’m spoiling for a big fight with any poor soul who gets in my line of vision huhu. My balance is whacked, my patience level is like below zero. Dapat bigyan ng valium ang mga tao sa paligid ko pampa-kalma hehe.


Add to that, we have visitors staying with us now amidst the clutter & chaos. I’m afraid there are just too many people & noise in my personal space adding to the tension of everything else that I feel like a bomb ready to explode at any moment. The constant buzzing & tumultuous atmosphere at our once peaceful home is not helping with my condition. Nasaan na yang mga pantone colors na Rose Quartz at Serenity pag kailangan moooo???

I’m always with my trusty ice bag to cool me off. The aircon turned full-blast & the fan pointed right at me. Kung pwede nga lang, magbababad talaga ako sa batya ng yelo. Ice cream is my best friend this perimenopausal season, so Ate is forever introducing me to new & interesting cold spots to relieve my hot flashes & temper tantrums.

Casa Italia Cafe

Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Rd., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 946-7494 ; (02) 246-9069 ext:495

Why 8? OTTO means Eight in Italian. “8” because all coffee beans, that Casa Italia uses to brew their coffee is reportedly never older than eight weeks from roasting. Too bad I couldn’t try a cup of their OTTO coffee for fear of another abnormal spike in temperature.


Casa Italia, Singapore’s largest Italian cafe franchise, is a modern day interpretation of the traditional Italian bar serving coffee & quick italian dishes from pizzas, pastas to focaccia sandwiches with a wide array of pastries and cakes, not just gelatos.



Casa Italia offers rich and creamy handcrafted premium gelatos with over 30 flavors to choose from! <3 I seriously couldn’t decide which top 3 flavors I wanted to try. Pinabawasan pa ni Ate ng isa. Naging 2 scoops nalang, hmp!



In such attractice colors too! <3




The savoury choices are limited to light snacks & desserts. Well, for us Pinoys at least. :P






Which obviously does not apply to the gelatos by the way! So many yummy flavors to choose from, the ladies are confused as to what to get haha.



Me? I don’t complicate things. Magulo na nga ang disposisyon ko ngayon lalo ko pa bang guguluhin? The first 2 that catches my attention, yun na yon. :P Coffee & chocolate. The end.



For our afternoon pick-me-uppers, we settled on 3 pasta servings to add to our cold orders.



(L-R) Chicken Canneloni 300 php, Vegetarian Lasagna 250 php, and Meatballs with Pomodoro sauce 250 php.



What I learned: See the bigger picture. Sometimes you have to suppress going cray because you have to for the people around you. This is NOT the time to go insane.



Maybe I’ll just keep coming back for more gelato cups to cool me off. ;)



Thank you girls, especially my dear Nena, for being so patient with me & attentive to my needs. She’s been downloading ebooks to distract me from my woes and accompanies me on my regular bingsu runs.



The golden girls certainly keep me on my toes & test my patience. Thank goodness for staff who do more than their fair share. <3



The upstairs condition. Which also houses the restroom & caused the elderlies’ slow expedition to the 2nd floor. It’s only recently that I am made aware of the senior citizen/handicap’s lack of facilities & easy access in the malls. I am slowly learning about the needs of the elderly with my newfound clique. :P



My poor girls. Perimenopausal me now. Golden girl in a few years time. Will you still be patient with your bratty mother, I wonder? :P

Sabi ni Kap umaaarte lang daw ako, kulang kasi sa pansin. Naku Kap ha, ikaw kaya ang mag-hot flashes, tignan natin kung makatawa ka pa niyan! @_@

Meanwhile, Kap is taking our visitors scuba diving today & will be gone overnight. Naku, sigurado hindi na naman maganda ang disposisyon ko buong araw with the love of my life out of my sight.

Word of caution, stay away from me. GELATO PLEASE. 3 SCOOPS!


And thank you for my USB fan which I can connect to my phone any time Ate! <3 Ahuhuhu you don’t know how much this means to me! Ahlavyew! :-*

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