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img_2487I try not to keep a short leash on Kap. He pretty much still gets to do what he usually did when he was single. He still has his basketball days, his tennis nights, his once-in-a-while boating overnights. For short, hindi naman ako gaaanong kahigpitan na misis. ;P As long as no girls or hanky-panky activities are involved, I’m a-ok with it. So I found it very funny when he sent me this one morning..

Syempre, iba ang tulak ng bibig sa kabig ng dibdib. ;)) I’m so attached to Kap that a night without him is simply torture for me. No kidding. But of course, I let him do his manly things. Kawawa din naman, he works hard for us so a day or two with his tennis buds is not such a big deal. (Sige, sabihin mo pa yan sa puso mo para maniwala, HAHAHAHAHA!)

I’ve been a guest once at Casa Cumbre Monte (House on top of the Hill) when Kap took us along on an invite, and boy, I was pret-ty impressed. So I understood his excitement. Thus, a single-entry visa was extended to him by the GOppets embassy, lol.

Early Saturday morning, he & another friend Maning, hitched a ride with The JHL. And not just any ordinary ride, mind you, but a ride with a bird’s eye view. Kahit ako, gustong sumama!


When your hubs surpasses your social climbing skillz! #howtobeyou #ehdiikawna He literally has friends in the highest places hehehe. So jelly! Talagang iniwan at pinagpalit ako for a boys-only tennis weekend in Calatagan. Oist Kap, single-entry visa lang yan ha. One-time deal lang yang overnight pass mo with da boys. Wag mamihasa.


Newly-purchased helicopter. \m/ Best way to travel in this crazy traffic we’ve been experiencing of late. It took them 30 minutes to get from Alabang to Batangas, and back as well the next day.


Imagine if we had one too, my Honey! ;) Pang-hatid sundo sa mga kids. Nuks! ;) Kaso matchbox lang ang afford natin HAHAHAHAHA!


Feeling co-pilot ang Honey ko!


With the gracious host, JHL, behind him. Busy as ever.

The very down-to-earth JHL has vast properties in & out of the metro -and the world, and he likes to share his toys for the big boys with his local buddies whenever opportunity arises. This time, a mock tournament was held at his Casa Cumbre Monte private residence in Calatagan, Batangas which boasts of country club amenities, and more.


What impresses me with this highly successful businessman & entrepreneur is his simplicity & good nature. I once saw him in S&R, dressed down, with his 2 kids, buying pizza. They were in line like the rest of us ordinary mortals, buying commercial pizza when he in fact, has a big pugon right in his own home. Walang arte at pa-importansya sa katawan. Even his wife Bea is very simple. No flashy jewelries or fancy monogrammed bags.


JHL’s own private idaho. One of Kap’s lifelong dreams is to own a small beach-front property. Pray pa more my Honey, baka one day isang araw, matupad hehe.


Dream din nya maka-selfie si Stephen Curry. Ayan oh, natupad na in fairness! ;))


This is only one of the TWO pools. Didn’t I just tell ya? Better than a resort! <3


..which the generous host’s lucky guests truly enjoy.


To say that JHL is a kid at heart is an understatement. The world is his playground. Here are 2 newly-acquired ATVs, among what is already existing within the grounds, for his guests to borrow & enjoy while going around his vast property. Hindi kaya lakarin ang buong Casa Cumbre Monte.


JHL even has his own fishery. Bangus, anyone? ;)


My big, happy boy. <3 I’m really glad he gets a time off from regular programming.


Like I said, bawal ang chicks, may imposed 50-meter restraining order. Hindi pwedeng lumapit.. except for this long-legged, long-necked girl. Ito aprub! ;)


A great day for Kap my Kap is tennis all day..


and tennis all night. From dusk ’til dawn ika nga. Kaya paguwi, hayun bagsak. Pagoda. Zzzzzzz all day, all night din kxinabukasan. @_@


Nothing beats drinks & bar chow after a hard & heavy game. Casa Cumbre Monte boasts of several clusters of housing units that serves different functions.


This here’s the bar.


Did I mention that JHL also brews his own beer?? Well, obviously not him-him. Somebody else does it for him of course. :P

Don’t worry my Honey, your single-entry visa is renewable naman every year. It’s already December. Next year you get to have another single-entry visa.. IF you play your cards right. :-* Apply ka nalang uli.

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